Going on an adventure with Sammi

Going on an adventure with Sammi

You may recall that Monkey got to make friends with Finn from the Lottie dolls range back in 2014, how times flies! My son may be a few years older than when Finn first arrived, but he still features in Monkey’s play time and I thought it was about time that Finn had a friend. So we’ve been going on an adventure with Sammi, the newest doll added to the Lottie, Finn and Friends range.

Going on an adventure with Sammi

The Junior Reporter Sammi boy doll is 18 cms tall, in line with other dolls in the Lottie range, and comes with a full outfit, bag, pen and notepad and an edition of the Branksea School news.

Going on an adventure with Sammi

Monkey would certainly be going on an adventure with Sammi, as he reports all the news from Branksea School and beyond.

I’m a big fan of the Lottie, Finn and Friends dolls, they really are age appropriate and they have been a big hit here with my son and his imaginative play.  They are easy to dress and undress, have legs, arms and heads that move and they can actually stand up by themselves.

Going on an adventure with Sammi

I think it’s really healthy for boys to feel able to play with dolls, just as girls do.  But I have to be honest, I’m not that keen on him recreating World War II, these dolls offer play potential based around more every day life, whilst also helping with more aspirational play. The proportions of these dolls are based on an average 9-year-old, making them very relatable.

As well as going on an adventure with Sammi in his reporter mode, Monkey’s also been having fun with the new accessory sets – Bee Yourself the Bee Keeper and the Astronaut set Astro Adventures.

I knew the Astro Adventures set would go down well as Monkey loves anything space related and it wasn’t long until Sammi had completed with astronaut training and was off on the Space Shuttle.

Going on an adventure with Sammi

The dolls aren’t included with these accessory sets.  But they fit any of the dolls in the range.  The Astro Adventures set comes with a spacesuit, boots, a protective hood and two piece space helmet and a set of self adhesive glow in the dark stars.

Going on an adventure with Sammi

The boots have a split in the back, making them easy for children to fit on the dolls, and over the spacesuit itself. The helmet clicks together, we have found that my son needs a little help to remove the two pieces, but he really loves the whole look of this outfit when he’s doll is wearing it.

I have a feeling Sammi the Astronaut may well have come in holiday with us, by the time you read this post.

Being a family of bug hunters and nature lovers I also thought the Bee Yourself set would go down well with my son.

Going on an adventure with Sammi

Again, the dolls aren’t included with this accessory set, but you do get the outfit comprising a top, dungarees and a pair of welly boots.  My son was quick to point out that there is one vital item missing from this set, the bee keeper’s hat.  I think he’s right, and I hope in the future that this accessory might be added to the set.  It seems like a good idea and one my 7 year old would like to see.  That aside, it wasn’t long before we were going on an adventure with Sammi again, this time tracking some bees in the garden.

Going on an adventure with Sammi

The Sammi doll and his accessories are all well made and easy for small hands to have fun with.  We’ve now introduced Sammi to Finn and I’m sure it won’t be long before they both head off on a new adventure with Monkey.

The Junior Reporter Sammi boy doll is available for £21.99, Astro Adventures is £11.99 and Bee Yourself is £9.50. These, along with the other dolls and accessories in the Lottie range can be found on the Lottie website.  You can follow Lottie, Finn and Friends and keep up to date with all of their adventures on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also sign up to Club Lottie too.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

I’m pleased to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Sammi doll, along with the Astro Adventures and Bee Yourself accessory sets.
Going on an adventure with Sammi

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  1. park ranger set. my son milo would love the bee keeper set though, he always speaks to the bees!

  2. Great to see the new additions. Bee Keeper outfit seems relevant / topical, as there had been a decline in the bee population. The public have been informed, some measures put in place :- aiming to avoid any further decline in bee population. Bees necessary for plant pollination, etc.

  3. Gardening tools would be super cute! My little girl has just started helping me do the garden and enjoys it.

  4. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize for charity, to go to Romania.

  5. Id love to see some pets and pet accessories, so many of the kids love animals so this would be great ….

  6. Love to see nurses Lottie, our daughter would love that. She already says that mummy goes to work to look after the old ladies, so she would have a doll to inspire her the same way my mum inspired me to be a nurse

  7. A football theme would be brilliant! Nice to see dolls that are aimed at children in general, rather than gender specific. Lovely!

  8. I think it would be cool if there was a teacher set, like a university teacher or a school teacher. 🙂

  9. I would love to see a vets set…. my daughter loves animals and loves pretending to care for them x

  10. Gardening items as my little girl loves to help in the garden and an animal hospital as she loves to take care of animals too x

  11. A rainy day set would be great. Or like others have said, a gardening set could stimulate the imagination.

  12. would be ideal for the yellow work wear clothing, my boy would love this as he would be like his daddy x

  13. Somebody said gardening – I love that idea! My son absolutely loves growing veggies in our garden!

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  15. Love these body shape & interest appropriate dolls. Would love a generic school uniform and/or computer gamer console. Gardening would be great too.

  16. Something to do with birds would be good to teach the children about bird watching, pigeon racing and so on.

  17. I would love to see an accessory set for being a zookeeper, as my daughter loves animals and would love to be a zookeeper!

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