Going back to our youth with Stylophone

Going back to our youth with Stylophone

You know you’ve reached a certain point in your life when all the things you remember with fondness from your childhood are back in fashion.  My memories are now the retro must have items of the 21st century. I recently found the perfect Fathers Day present for Daddy P and we’ll be going back to our youth with Stylophone.

Going back to our youth with Stylophone

Now I’ve often said that the best things arrived on this planet in 1968, and I share that honour with the Stylophone.  I’ll leave you to summise who has aged better!  My brother is the synthesizer genius of our family, but with this pocket version, Daddy P and I will be working on our musical skills.

Going back to our youth with Stylophone

The Stylophone requires 3xAA batteries, comes with an inbuilt stylus and speaker, 3.5 cable and input/output sockets so you can link up with an MP3 player or other device as well as to headphones if you so wish. You can select Vibrato function along with 3 different sounds.  Touch the Stylophone keyboard with the Stylus and you are ready to make music.

For those with more musicality than this household, you can also adjust the pitch of the Stylophone by holding the stylus down on one of the keys and then turning the control wheel on the back of the unit until it’s pitched to your requirements.

I’m hoping even my 6 year old Monkey can get the hang of the keyboard on the Stylophone.  I’d love him to take after my brother, as he certainly got all the musical genes from our family!  The keyboard is set out just like a piano with the top keys being the piano’s black keys, and the bottom keys being the white ones.

I won’t subject you to my tuneful testing, you can see the Stylophone being played much better in the video!

We’ll certainly have some fun going back to our youth with Stylophone, and hopefully the neighbours will appreciate Daddy P’s tunes as he practices on Fathers Day!  For £19.99 I really hope he enjoys the surprise.  You also get free delivery with the Stylophone Shop.

disclosure:  We were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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