Going retro with TOP TRUMPS – review and giveaway

Going retro with TOP TRUMPS – review and giveaway

There are a number of classic games from my childhood that are still much loved over 40 years later. I’ve been reliving my childhood with a game that always had my younger brother and I pitting our wits against each other.  This time around, I’m up against a very shrewd 7 year old, who doesn’t believe in losing!  We’ve been going retro with TOP TRUMPS, a really classic game from the 1970’s that my brother and I loved playing, just as much as my son does now.

Going retro with Top Trumps

TOP TRUMPS has relaunched six of their classic games in a new style of case and I just knew that we had to take a look at the Exotic Sports Cars and Crazy Cars games. As both my son and I love motorsport, it seemed like a good choice.  The other titles relaunched are Fantasy, two different Horror packs and Top Strikers, which I can see being popular with many a football fan, young and old this Christmas.

Being as big a Ferrari fan as his mother, I knew the Exotic Sports Cars TOP TRUMPS would grab my son’s attention.

Going retro with TOP TRUMPS

The card games are designed for anyone aged 6 years and over to enjoy and are really easy to play.  Shuffle the cards and divide equally amongst the players face down.  In this house my son always seems to get to go first, everyone turns their top card over, but only so they can see it.

Going retro with TOP TRUMPS

Call out what you think will be your best stat on the card to hand, all the other players respond with the details for that particular stat from their own top card, and the highest number wins all the cards in that round, and adds them to the bottom of their pile.  Whoever won that round, gets to pick the next stat and the winner is the person with all the cards at the end of the game.

Going retro with TOP TRUMPS

Going retro with TOP TRUMPS has been so much fun.  The game is easy to pick up and play anywhere.  We’ve taken games on holiday before and I’ve popped a pack in my handbag to keep my son amused in the car or on the train.  It’s a great way to get him reading without feeling that it’s ‘work’, counting and understanding more about any given subject.

From our beloved Ferrari F40, through to the Morgan Plus 4, Vector Twin Turbo and the classic TVR 400 SE, the TOP TRUMPS Exotic Sports Cars set has gone down well here.

Next up we’ve been having fun playing TOP TRUMPS Crazy Cars.  We’ve got to look at the California Sundance which looks uncannily like Lightning McQueen, through to Mike the Mouse which looks more like a land speed record contender than a certain mouse we all know and love.

Going retro with TOP TRUMPS

I have to admit to getting rather excited when the Porsche 917 Le Mans came up in my hand.  It took me straight back to my childhood and the models my Dad used to make.  Beautiful looking car.  I had hoped that my age and experience would give me an upper hand, but my son is a canny TOP TRUMPer, not unlike his Uncle.  The face says it all doesn’t it!

Going retro with TOP TRUMPS

Priced at £4.99 going retro with TOP TRUMPS isn’t going to break the bank, and the game makes an ideal stocking filler for kids of all ages, including us slightly older, but no less competitive models.  You can see the full TOP TRUMPS range over on the TOP TRUMPS website and I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate links below for the Retro range for you.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’ve teamed up with Winning Moves to offer one lucky reader the chance to win 2 of the TOP TRUMPS Retro collection for themselves.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance – good luck!

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The giveaway will close on 12th November 2017 at midnight.

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Pick 2 of the 6 TOP TRUMPS Retro collection titles

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119 thoughts on “Going retro with TOP TRUMPS – review and giveaway

  1. I would choose exotic sports cars and strikers to play to their favourite subjects cars and football

  2. We’d have to go for the crazy cars and probably the strikers one for my nephew.

    We had cabriolet cars when we were kids. You always knew if your opponent had the Peugot 205 because we’d played the squares game on the back of it, and the Morgan stats I can still remember – it would always beat everyone!

  3. I would choose crazy cars and Exotic sports cars as my nephew is a car fan and would enjoy these.

  4. Exotic sports cars and crazy cars for my grandson, as he is totally made on cars, even carries a camera with him in case he spots a different car that he has not photographed yet

  5. I would choose the Horror 2 and the Fantasy Retro Top Trumps Card Game, because I know my kids would love these.

  6. I’ve still got the original Horror 2 cards from my childhood, which I embellished with Garbage Pail Kid stickers, remember them? So I’d choose Horror 1 and the Fantasy Retro packs.

  7. I would pick the two retro horror packs. They look amazing and I am a huge fan of particularly old school horror movies, so they are really fitting to me. I love that the very old horror films are not really scary, so I can share them with my young son. The original Universal movies are my absolute favourites and my 3 year old can name all of the monsters :-). Would love to win, thank you for the chance.

  8. I would pick Horror 1 and Fantasy retro as they appeal to me the most due to their graphics and they’re something I could see myself displaying or playing or both! 🙂

  9. The boys love football so Strikers would be ideal but if original strikers were illustrated they wouldn’t know them so maybe Horror I & Horror II Retros, given the time of year

  10. Crazy cars and fantasy because I think my daughter would like those the most, especially the fantasy ones.

  11. TOP TRUMPS Exotic Sports Cars and Crazy Cars as my son is car mad and loves top trumps……many thanks

  12. I would choose the Crazy Cars & Horror ones as my son doesn’t have these, he is 12 years old and adores his Top Trumps but cheats by memorsing each card

  13. I would choose crazy cars and exotic sports cars because my son loves anything to do with cars.

  14. Fantasy and horror. The former for my grandson as he is into it and Horror for my granddaughter as she loves to shock people! 3:)

  15. Crazy cars and exotic cars, because I think they’ll be the easiest to bridge the generation gap with my kids. 🙂

  16. I’d choose the Fantasy pack and one of the Horror packs. My son’s still a big little for Top Trumps but I think my husband would enjoy playing those with me.

  17. Crazy Cars – because I used to go drag racing as a kid
    Exotic Sports Cars – because I like fast cars 🙂

  18. My nephew would love Exotic Sports Cars Retro Top Trumps Card Game and Crazy Cars Retro Top Trumps Card Game

  19. I’d get the horror collection as I love horror and one of the car ones – similar to the ones my brother had when we were little.

  20. Exotic sports cars as I remember having that one as a child! Plus the football strikers one as my son would love that!

  21. I would go for Exotic Sports Cars and Today’s Strikers Top Trumps. I remember playing this game in the late 70s with my brother, who was 7 years older than me and had a far greater knowledge of both. Would love to play these against him now (after i have looked through the cards) and see who does better now. It would also be interesting to see who the top strikers used to be and the various facts about them, compared to the top players of today

  22. I would choose both the exotic sports cars and the crazy cars retro top trumps because my 7 year old really loves learning about different cars x

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