Golden Boy Bailey

Golden Boy Bailey – review and giveaway

I was recently contacted by Erin Frew, the US-based writer and illustrator and asked if Monkey and I would like to read her book, Golden Boy Bailey, which was published in February this year and has recently won a Mom’s Choice Award.

Golden Boy Bailey

The book is available in hardback and kindle versions both via Amazon in the US and here in the UK.  We received the hardback copy as I’m still very much a paper book girl. You all know us as a cat family, but I did grow up with dogs at home and as my brother and his family will be welcoming a puppy to their family this month, I thought it would be a good opportunity to bring the idea of dogs into my reading with Monkey.

Bailey is a Golden Retriever, and is based on the author/illustrators own family pet. In Golden Boy Bailey we meet Bailey and his friend Sable the Pit Bull and Logan the Yellow Labrador as they set out on an adventure.  Monkey was hooked as soon as he heard mention on a Logan (one of his friends from school).

Golden Boy Bailey

Poor Logan is a little like me, afraid of the water, so a trip to the Blue Pool has him all in a fluster.  I know that feeling well!! Could he overcome that fear and would they survive an encounter with Chewy the German Shepherd who guards the Covered Bridge?

Well it turns out that Chewy is actually rather friendly, and not to be feared at all, and the four dogs soon become friends.  When the friends reach the water a little dragonfly decides to play with Sable.  Disaster strikes as Sable chases the dragonfly and jumps into the pool, Sable can’t swim! Will their new friend Chewy be able to save the day?

Golden Boy Bailey is a charming book, telling the story of friendship and bravery and we’ve enjoyed reading it.

There are a couple of points where Chewy is called a German Sheppard and I think we’d tend to use dived rather than dove to describe someone diving into water, but in general the writing works as well this side of the pond as it would in its homeland.  My 6 year old has certainly enjoyed the story.

I’ve included my Amazon affiliate link below if you’d like to purchase here in the UK.

disclosure: we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

Erin Frew has very kindly offered one lucky reader a chance to win this book for themselves.  Just complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.

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Golden Boy Bailey book

61 thoughts on “Golden Boy Bailey – review and giveaway

  1. i’ve worked with all different breeds for many years and every time i would choose a lab, the only breed i would trust esp with my children x

  2. Cairn Terrier :- We had cairn terriers for a good number of years, as I was growing up at home. My brother bred one on a couple of occasions, it was wonderful to see the pups born, grow and develop. Cairn terriers tend to be friendly and loyal. As small dogs easier to exercise, groom etc than larger dogs. Also do not cast / shed hair like most dogs, so again this makes managing easier.

    I am also fond of Labradors, lovely friendly active dogs. Have a friend with a Black Labrador.

  3. I should say Beagles because I accidently ended up with one who is now the furry love of my life, but my favourite breed is still the Newfoundland.

  4. I love the ultra cute Caucasian Shepherd dog, but I’m happy enough with my little Bichon pal 😉

  5. love Rough Collies, we have had 3 rough collies and they are super intelligent, family friendly dogs

  6. staffordshire bull terrier they are so loyal and caring , they get a bad name but they are amazing dogs i’ve had mine since he was 7 weeks old 9 years old now x

  7. i dont really have a fav breed,i do prefer bigger dogs to little snappy yappy ones though

  8. I absolutely adore Papillon’s. There is just something about them that I find absolutely adorable!

  9. Staffies! As I have one and I’ve never had a more loving, well behaved, easy to train happy little silly dog bring me so much happiness before 🙂 Dxx

  10. Westies, We used to have a westie called Toby and he was the most loyal funny dog ever.

  11. At the moment we have a working Labrador, a Sports Border Collie, 2 x Afghan Hounds and a Chihuhua. We have recently lost our little Shetland Sheepdog. Trying to find a favourite is difficult as they each have their merits. Labrador is mental, being working lines she slim and full of energy. The Border Collie was a rescue and has taken a lot of work to correct his ways. The Afghans are unique so lovable and cuddly but will do things in their own time and way. But my little Sheltie who I miss so much. I think I would love another Sheltie

  12. I love boxers, because my parents had a lot of boxers and my granddad even showed some at Crufts!

  13. We love a beautiful little spaniel Oscar and before him our beloved Spencer so got to be Spaniels

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