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Green Toys Fire Truck – a review

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This month I have another great eco-friendly toy to share with you.  The Green Toys Fire Truck, is, as with all Green Toys products, made from recycled plastic milk containers. I’m never going to tire of typing that.  It still amazes me; and I used to work in the plastics industry.

Green Toys Fire TruckThe Green Toys Fire Truck is aimed at children from the age of 1 years.  It’s chunky, but with lovely details and contains NO metal parts.  Your child can happily put fires out in the garden, sandpit or bath and you can stick the Fire Truck in the dishwasher and it will look as good as new afterwards.

Green Toys Fire Truck

I love the idea of having this as a child’s first Fire Truck, it is indestructible; whilst having lots of interesting features for a growing child to enjoy.

There are two removable ladders on the sides, and the main ladder rises and swivels the full 360 degrees.  If you have a mechanic in the house; the wheels can be removed and replaced easily for a quick tyre change too!   The details are lovely, and give you lots of discussion points, the Green Toys Fire Truck is just fab!

We have a few Fire Trucks already, so I was interested to see what a 4 and half year old Monkey would make of the Green Toys Fire Truck.  As you can see in this quick video he loved it straight away.

It was then straight down to play time!  Fire, Fire!

We decided almost immediately that the box that our Green Toys Fire Truck came in would make an excellent Fire Station.  The box itself is made from recycled materials; even better to up-cycle it into something else.  It’s not an amazing transformation, but Monkey loves it and that’s all that matters!

Green Toys Fire Truck

This is a much loved addition to Monkey’s fire crew and has been well-played with by his younger friends too.  I’m sure now we have some decent weather that our Green Toys Fire Truck will be put to work in the garden; tackling blazes and rescuing mini beasts from the plant life.

Priced at £19.99 this isn’t a cheap plastic toy; it’s a plastic toy that will actually last.  The Green Toys Fire Truck is a toy you could buy for a one year old that will still be in one piece when he’s 4.  Oh, how I wish that were true of some of the plastic toys we have here.  As you can see,  an older child will love this too.  I was worried, it might be a bit basic for Monkey.  What do I know, it has moving parts, it has removable parts, it’s a Fire Engine Mummy!!! Fair enough.

Our Green Toys toy testing next month is definitely going to involve water, so watch this space for some splashtastic fun!

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.





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