Green Toys Tug Boat

Green Toys Tug Boat – a review

Ferry BoatI’m back with you this month showing off another great toy from Green Toys as part of our Eco Friendly Toy Tester series.  Today we are looking at the Green Toys Tug Boat.

Green Toys Tug Boat

The Green Toys Tug Boat is available in three different colourways – we received the Yellow version.  Aimed at children aged 6 months and over, this is another perfect toy for the bath and paddling pool.

Green Toys Tug Boat

It’s a jug that children can scoop and pour water with, and it floats!

Green Toys Tug Boat  Green Toys Tug Boat

As with all the Green Toys we’ve featured in this series, the Tug Boat is made from recycled milk bottles and contains no nasties.

Green Toys Tug Boat

Time for a 4 and half year old Monkey to have some fun with his new Tug Boat.  As with the other toys we’ve featured, Green Toys have a great eye for detail, this item is no different.

Green Toys Tug Boat

The Green Toys Tug Boat, like all other Green Toys products, can be cleaned in the dishwasher.  The handle is a perfect size for little ones to hold, but still be enjoyed by an older Monkey too.

Younger children will love the pouring aspect of this Green Toys Tug Boat, Monkey loves playing with it focusing more on it being a proper tug boat, and he has used it to tow his other boats around.  So far our Tug Boat has been used in the paddling pool and at the water table.  I’m sure it will also be seeing some action at bath time in the months ahead.

Priced at £9.99 this is another great toy within the range and will withstand lots of play. A toy that can be used in the water and can also be thoroughly cleaned is a real bonus, in my opinion.

Next month we come to the end of this series of Green Toys Eco Friendly Toy Tester reviews.  I have to be totally honest, I’ve left our personal favourite til last!  Join us next month for the product that first introduced me to the Green Toys brand.  It’s worth the wait.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

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9 thoughts on “Green Toys Tug Boat – a review

  1. We are on our second tugboat. It is a great toy, but I haven’t been able to work out how to pull it apart. Did you actually pull it apart to clean?

    1. Hi Laura, I’ve had to amend my review as, surprisingly it doesn’t come apart. Which is different from all their other items. My son doesn’t use it every bath time so we’ve not had a build up of anything but if you have a dishwasher – they are dishwasher safe.

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