His Guilty Secret – review and giveaway #HisGuiltySecret

His Guilty Secret – review and giveaway  #HisGuiltySecret

Today I’m sharing with you the latest book from author Hélene Fermont’s called His Guilty Secret as part of a blog tour. published through Fridhem Publishing last month, this book tells the story of a group of women who are affected by one man’s lies and betrayal.

His Guilty Secret

His Guilty Secret introduces us to Jacques Beaumont.  His wife, Patricia believes that she’s happily married to the Air France employee and that one day they will have a family to complete them  When Jacques dies suddenly in a hotel room she starts to question everything she’s ever known about her husband, their life together, her family and friends.

Little does she know that she will soon discover that His Guilty Secret included a French mistress, Isabelle with whom he’s been involved with for years.  But there’s more to his deceit tp be discovered.

As the story unfolds so does the sub plot of the relationship between Patricia and her twin sister Jasmine who lives in Malmo with her husband, who also happens to be an ex of Patricia’s.  Jasmine has estranged herself from her twin based up an overheard conversation from their childhood.  She’s on a self destruct mission, but is everything she believed to be true, in fact, not true at all.

In France, Isabelle has always known about Jacques’s wife, but she has her own secrets.  She’s married to a wealthy but ruthless man, Armand, and has always led him to believe that he was Pierre’s father.

We also meet Jacques’s sister Coco who has lived with the knowledge of His Guilty Secret and it’s led her down a path of addiction and unhappiness.

As each woman tries to rebuild their lives, the truth must come out, and relationships are made, broken and rekindled as the pages are turned.  Although there is much sadness through the book, there’s also hope and strength, as these women move forward into a happier future.

I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference and you can follow the tour to see what others have thought about His Guilty Secret.

His Guilty Secret

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His Guilty Secret book

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  1. I love books that are filled with mystery and secrets as they just make me want to keep reading.

  2. I like autobiographies, nice to read of people’s experiences, etc. Some are informative, some humorous, some a mixture of both, etc.

  3. Horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy because they tend to be page turners.

  4. I love thrillers and murder/mystery books. I like to be kept guessing what’s going to happen and who did it!

  5. I love a good Historical Thrillers. Love a good history setting and a love of suspense. A book which keep.me on edge and full of historical location.

  6. In the winter I like to read murder mysteries and in the summer I tend to go for lighter books. Just seasonal I guess

  7. I like crime novels, especially those that keep you guessing. I love a book that gets me hooked and they always do that!

  8. I’ll literally read any fiction, I just love to read full-stop. If you helda gun to my head and I had to decide then I’d go for a thriller. (Angela Kelly)

  9. I love reading all sorts of genres, my favourite are thrillers with lots of twists and turns to keep me intrigued

  10. i love a rom com but also like a mystery or thriller too! i just love all fiction really.. its jsut a chance to escape real life for a bit! 🙂

  11. I like Mystery & thrillers especially if they have a ‘twist’ or a ‘Sting in the tail’ to keep me intrigued.Although I am partial to Romance types the ‘Mills & Boon” type boy meets girl ,Falls in love is so predictable you no need to bother reading.

  12. I love reading real life travel story books. Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist in Andalucia by Chris Stewart is my favourite!

  13. Books like murder mysteries and thrillers are my favourites. I love trying to guess the endings to the stories.

  14. I love to read fiction that has happy endings. My life hasn’t been the best so I don’t want anything with a sad ending

  15. Not many types of books i dont like but if i had to pick one type it would be thrillers i love them so much they way they keep you in suspense the twists and turns real page turners

  16. I like books set in other countries or other times in history as I like a break from reality when I read

  17. I’m actually enjoying Young Adult books! I’m going through my sons bookshelf at the moment. I’m hooked on the GONE series!

  18. I love thrillers and horrors. Love the twists, the suspense and being left in suspense. Means I can fully escape into the book

  19. I love crime thrillers and sci-fi. One makes me think about things, and the later takes me to new worlds.

  20. I must be honest and say that I am a total book addict and love reading regardless of the genre, but my all-time favourite genre has to be thrillers, as I love trying to work out the plot twists and love when a really good thriller takes you to places you never expected!

  21. I like reading Nordic noir – nothing better on a dark stormy night than a gruesome murder on a forgotten frozen lake north of the artic circle 🙂

  22. i like horror and thrillers best i suppose its because i like the fear and suspense they contain x

  23. I alternate between psychological thrillers which I can get my teeth into, alternatively I like modern womens literature or rom com, when I want a less edge of your seat read – those are my upstairs books, and for my downstairs book I always have a historical biography on the go…..

  24. I love reading different kinds of books at different times but my all time favourites are detective/crime novels. I love getting caught up in the mystery and trying to solve the crime

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