Guinness World Record Challenges game

Guinness World Record Challenges game – sent for review

I can remember as a child that Record Breakers was one of my favourite TV programmes to watch with my brother.  Watching people from around the world breaking all sorts of records was always inspiring, even if some of them were rather bizarre.  Now my own son is about to turn nine, he’s also fascinated with record-breaking achievements.  We were recently the Guinness World Record Challenges game by the team at Megableu and I knew it would be a hit.

Guinness World Record Challenges game

Aimed at players aged eight years and over, the Guinness World Record Challenges game can be played with two-five players, with game play typically lasting for around forty-five minutes.

The board game comes with a playing board, 150 double-sided question cards relating to Guinness World Records, 20 challenge cards – 10 are purple Best time cards and 10 are orange 30 seconds cards, a booklet of guidelines for the challenges, notebook, ping-pong ball, 5 playing pieces and a dice.

Guinness World Record Challenges game

The idea of the game is to see how much each player knows about different Guinness World Records and to also display their own skills in various challenges.

To play the game fully you will need a few additional items such as a smart phone or a timer which records to 0.01 seconds, a 500ml bottle of water, various coins and paper clips to name a few.  These items are required for the various challenges.  When we didn’t have the items required we picked a different card instead, for example, one challenge required 12 stainless teaspoons, we only have 6.

The object of the game is to be the first player with three completed challenges.  The winner must hold at least one challenge card from both colours to win.

Playing pieces are placed on the Start square, question cards are placed in two stacks, and the challenge cards put on the appropriate spaces.  Depending on the number of players you will have a different number of challenge cards in play.

Pick a coloured playing piece, and let the youngest player roll the dice to start the Guinness World Record Challenges game.  You move your playing piece the relevant number of spaces if you throw a number, but if the dice shows a colour then you move directly to the next correctly coloured challenge space.

If you land on a question space, the player to the left of you picks up a Guinness World Record question card, reads the description to the player and then asks them a multiple choice question.  If the player answers correctly they can continue to play.  If they get the answer wrong, then play moves clockwise.

If you land on a challenge square you can either decide to try the challenge yourself or nominate another player to try to achieve a better score than you.

Guinness World Record Challenges game

There is a minimum time shown on each challenge card that you are trying to beat.

Guinness World Record Challenges game

Guinness World Record Challenges game

If you return to the Start square without completing three challenges then you complete another circuit of the board until you have completed all the required challenges.

My son loved all of the Guinness World Record questions, and was so happy when he picked the right multiple choice answers.  It’s fair to say that neither of us are going to be breaking a Guinness world record any time soon, our card tower building skills have been appalling, to the point my son wouldn’t let me share the evidence with you all.  But we’ve had fun, and we won’t be defeated.

The Guinness World Record Challenges game is perfect for generations to play together and I can envisage lots of competitive family fun over the Christmas period.  We’ll definitely be putting his Dad to the test when he takes some time off.  The game is available at toy retailers, online and department stores for £24.99.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, and I’ve included the link to the game below.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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