Hack my Password

Hack my Password – AD sent for review and giveaway

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned for the purpose of review and giveaway

As you all are well aware, my nearly eleven-year-old is a very reluctant reader and writer so I have to look at encouraging him in any way possible.  We were recently asked if we’d like to look at the Tactic Games Hack my Password, I thought it might just help on both fronts as well as being a bit of fun.

Hack my Password

The game is aimed at players aged eight years and over and can be played as a two-player game or in two teams.  play times typically lasts for around twenty minutes.  Hack my Password comes with a game board, two firewalls, fifty playing cards, two card order tokens, two word split tokens, two question mark playing pieces, two whiteboard markers, a sponge and instruction leaflet.

Hack my Password

The aim of the games is to crack your opponent’s firewall and decode their password or be the first player to reach the finish line on the playing board.

Place both question mark playing pieces on the start.  Each player picks up two playing cards and creates their password on their firewall based on the prompts provided.

Then encrypt your password and you’re ready to play. Make sure you encrypt each word separately rather than totally jumbling up all the letters and put a mark against the last letter of the first word and first letter of the second.

For an easier version of game-play in Hack my Password you could play without encrypting your password, and we’ve had fun playing both versions.  Then place your password hint cards face up on the table for your opponent to see.

Players then take it, in turn, to guess letters in their opponent’s password.

Guess correctly then your opponent lifts the relevant firewall door for any matching letters and you can try to guess the password.  If you guess one of the two words then your opponent must tell you.

Hack my Password

Hack my Password

If you don’t guess correctly your opponent gets to move one space on the playing board.

Hack my Password

You do need to read all of the rules for Hack my Password as it doesn’t really explain the use of the word split and card order tokens unless you do.  We’d played the first game without making use of these tokens at all. you can move these tokens to different playing positions on the board to raise or lower the difficulty of the game depending on the age of the players.

Hack my Password

I do like the idea of having different levels of gameplay to increase the longevity of the game, and Hack my Password is a fun way to get children thinking about their spellings without realising it.

Hack my Password is available from a number of retailers including The Range and is priced at £27.99.

I’ve teamed up with Tactic Games to offer one lucky reader the chance to win Hack my Password worth £27.99 for themselves.  Complete the Gleam form attached for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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The giveaway will close on 16th December 2020 at midnight.

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Hack my Password worth £27.99

121 thoughts on “Hack my Password – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. Christmas is a great time for new games. Looks perfect for our middle child. The levels are helpful to get started.

  2. I would love to battle against my Dad as he always wins this type of thing. I would love to take him on!

  3. I would love to play this against my eldest daughter as she likes to think she is the smartest in our family x

  4. This is like Hangman for the 21st century isn’t it? Modern children will understand the idea of a hacker much better than a hangman. So I’d love to play with my grandchildren – at 8 and 11 I think it’s perfect for them.

  5. I’d love to play this with my children at Christmas – Sadly, they seem to find technology more interesting but they would love this!

    1. I’d play this against my sister first as she is very competitive and it would be good practice 😀

  6. I’d play this against my sister first as she is very competitive and it would be good practice 😀

  7. I would love to battle against my niece and nephew as I’m sure it will be a fun exciting game.

  8. My hubby although I’m sure my girls would enjoy playing against me and their Dad! Its great that there is different levels of play.

  9. I’d like to play against my partner. He’s quite competitive with games so I’d try to beat him just to wind him up.

  10. Who would you like to battle against in this game and why?
    my grandsons because they think Nanny is far too old for this kind of thing lol

  11. I’d battle it out with my brother and then my dad to see who is the ultimate champion between the three of us are .Then the two who win could battle it out together.Looks like a really fun game and would be great for entertaining the family during family game night.

  12. I’d love to beat (sorry play) my husband at this game. He’s an IT whizz so he’ll think he’d instantly win…. we’ll see!

  13. I’d love to play with my nephew hes 10 and really starting to get sneaky at board games so I think he would be a good challenge

  14. With my granddaughter. She is as competitive as me and I have never let her win any game we have ever played. Now a teenager she knows if she wins she has really beaten me (happening more and more as time passes!)

  15. My daughter would really enjoy this game, I would definitely have a fun Christmas playing against her.

  16. I would love to battle against my daughter as it will be a battle of the minds and would be fun.

  17. My best friend , I haven’t seen her since February because we both have high vulnerable in our homes but me and her both love laying board games this looks a great one.

  18. I’d love to play this with the family at Christmas. It looks like lots of fun, but also seems like something that would engage their interest more than traditional board games.

  19. This would be perfect to play with the kids at Christmas! My partner has two boys and they love playing all our games!

  20. I’d battle against my brother as we’re both super competitive with each other and we are currently tied on points in the family quizzes and I think I could beat him in this one!

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