Have you heard about Puffin Rock

Have you heard about Puffin Rock? #PuffinRock

Have you heard about Puffin Rock

Have you heard about Puffin Rock?  It’s a new animated series starting on Nick Jr on 18th May at 6.30pm.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Puffin’s and it’s fair to say that my Uncle has a bit of an obsession, so it only seemed apt that I should share this love with Monkey as we got to watch a preview episode from the Puffin Rock series.

Monkey and I got to watch the Puffin Rock episode Pond Life, where we meet Puffling Oona, voiced by child star Kate McCafferty (who also sings the theme tune) and her baby brother Baba. The series is narrated by Chris O’Dowd.  Oona and Baba live on Puffin Rock, in Ireland, and through the series we follow them on their adventures.  The series is aimed at 3-5 year olds.

In Pond Life Oona has to look after Baba, who is intent on getting as muddy as possible. Whilst trying to get him clean they come across some stranded tadpoles.  Can they find a way to get them back to the pond?  The episode is charming and educational.  Monkey was enthralled as he’s never seen tadpoles and knew nothing of their life-cycle.  So I felt by the end of the show he’d learnt something as well as being entertained.  The animation is also quite striking and very different from most programmes we watch together.

Monkey really enjoyed the episode we watched and we’ll certainly be tuning in at 6.30pm on 18th May to watch the first episode – Puffin Practice, as Oona and her brother have fun being Pufflings.

You can get an idea of the adventures that await when Puffin Rock airs here:

For more information and to download some activity sheets why not visit the website.

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