Plant your pencil, herb

Have you heard about the pencil who wants to be a plant? – AD sent for review

disclosure: we were sent the item mentioned for the purpose of review

No I’m not going mad, well only slightly, but that’s a different post!  Have you heard about the pencil who wants to be a plant?  No?  Well, neither had I until recently when BritMums made me aware of a review request from Plant Your Pencil.  I was intrigued, as you know we’ve done a lot of planting in the garden this year, but I hadn’t considered planting pencils ……

What if instead of throwing your pencil stubs away you could plant them and
have them grow into something delicious, beautiful, and fun? 

I soon received a couple of pencils in the post, they are affectionately called Sprout ….

Plant your pencil, herb

Sprout is a high quality cedar pencil with a water-activated seed capsule at the tip.

When the seed capsule is exposed to moisture it begins to degrade, releasing
the seed within Sprout and starting its germination.

The pencils are non-toxic as they contain graphite and clay rather than lead.  There are 7 different herb tips available – Basil, Dill, Coriander (Cilantro), Mint, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme.  I received a couple of Dill tipped Sprout pencils.

We’ve used one of the pencils non-stop for the last month to try to use it up!! Today was the day we decided we were ready for the next part of the experiment.

Plant your Pencil, Dill, Herbs

We’ve planted our Sprout in a pot on the patio where it will get plenty of sunshine, and where I will remember to keep it watered.

Plant your Pencil

As with anything in nature, the results are not guaranteed.  There are at least 4 Dill seeds in our first pencil, so hopefully at least one will sprout in the next month – we’ll keep you posted.

21 thoughts on “Have you heard about the pencil who wants to be a plant? – AD sent for review

  1. What a fun idea, I think schools should have them they use so many pencils and we could all get herbs in return!

  2. What an intriguing idea – definitely something different and more worthwhile than throwing the pencil away!

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