Having a carvery meal in the week

Having a carvery meal in the week

Many years ago before my Export career began I used to work for a food distribution company and, along with my best friend, ran their computer systems overnight, printed picking sheets for the warehouse and ran invoices and delivery drop sheets.  We worked long and unsociable hours; not ideal for an 18 and 19-year-old, but it certainly made you appreciate every spare moment.  Our working week started on a Sunday, which meant missing out on a traditional roast dinner as we’d be sleeping, ready for work to start at 7pm.  How we would have enjoyed having a carvery meal in the week! I can still remember making a roast dinner at 7am on a Friday morning when we got home from work.  it would have been so much nicer for someone to do it all for us from time to time!

Having a carvery meal in the week

Brewers Fayre have some to the rescue of those, who just like me all those years ago, can’t enjoy a good roast dinner on a Sunday.  At the moment 4 sites across the country are trialling this new lunchtime carvery option which runs from Monday-Friday between 12-2.30.  The Bicester branch is one of those picked I’d already heard a friend on Facebook mentioning that she tried it out a couple of weeks ago and been impressed.

So last week, Iona was down for the day and we decided that we deserved a mid-week roast dinner, so it was time to see what Brewers Fayre were dishing up on the carvery.  It would mean we could enjoy the food without having to worry about the cooking or washing up (no dishwasher in this house!).

I have to be honest, I was expecting a few other diners on a Thursday lunchtime, but oh no, the news had obviously got out about the £6.95 carvery offer, the place was packed! Iona commented on the wide mix of people who were seated too.  Would this bode well after our last trip?

When having a carvery meal in the week with Brewers Fayre, you pay for your meal at the bar and are given a voucher to exchange at the carvery counter.

We timed it just right – no queue!

having a carvery meal in the week

We had the choice of Turkey, Gammon and Beef – being the piglet that I am, I asked for some of each and some crackling too.  A mid-week roast dinner is a real treat for me and I was going to enjoy it with my friend!

You can then help yourself to the normal selection of vegetables, sauces and gravy.

having a carvery meal in the week having a carvery meal in the week

We headed back to our table, it was time to tuck in and enjoy our meal.

A carvery is always a great idea if you’re looking for a quick meal as it’s pretty much all self-service. Great if you’re due in on an afternoon shift, as you know you can just eat and head off to work.

having a carvery meal in the week

The other great thing about a carvery option is the flexibility it offers regarding portions. I’m clearly a go for a bit of everything, whilst Iona is more selective!

having a carvery meal in the week

The food was enjoyable, we both agreed that the peas definitely needed to be cooked a little longer and we both prefer crisper roast potatoes.  But that said, the carvery offers good value for money and it’s a great option for all.

Now I’m not one to miss out on a pudding and I had a free dessert voucher from my Brewers Fayre Bonus Club so we obviously had to have a pudding too!  I even let Iona have custard!

having a carvery meal in the week having a carvery meal in the week


So we enjoyed having a carvery meal in the week, it was a nice mid-week treat.  Also I can really appreciate that for those workers who can’t go out for a weekend meal, this offers a great solution.  I hope that this idea will be rolled out across the country soon.

disclaimer:  we were given a voucher to cover our carvery meal in exchange for an honest review.

8 thoughts on “Having a carvery meal in the week

  1. I enjoyed that meal, especially the no queuing part! And yes, I’m definitely more selective 🙂

  2. I love a roast dinner. I don’t think we have a Brewers fare near us anymore which is a shame.

  3. Looks great. Can’t beat a carvery, but do you know, I’ve never been to the Brewers Fayre in Banbury. Disgraceful really.

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