Having adventures in Saltrock clothing

Having adventures in Saltrock clothing #SaltrockSoul

As much as I love getting out in the fresh air, I’m not the happiest at this time of year.  I’m not a fan of dark, wet, gloomy days.  As I’m writing this post up, its 11.30am and I’ve had the lights on all morning.  Sunshine where have you gone? Being an Aries I think I’m just more of a Spring kind of person really.  But as I can’t hibernate until then, so I need to make sure I’m prepared for late Autumn and Winter.  I know Monkey and I will still be out and about whatever the weather and this year we’ll be having adventures in Saltrock clothing.

Having adventures in Saltrock clothing

In case you haven’t come across Saltrock before, they are a lovely company offering casual wear for all the family. They have stores across the coastal towns of the South West of England as well as online store for those of us living further afield.  I’ve been a fan of the brand for a while for myself, so already knew we’d love their AW/15 selection.

I’ve not thought of them for childrenswear before and was surprised by the variety of items available.  I ordered Monkey a hoody, t-shirt and a couple of pullovers.  He’s growing so fast and I’m finding he’s outgrowing a lot of 5-6 sizes already, so I ordered 3 out of the 4 items in a 7-8 years size to make sure they’d fit.  As it turns out, the Saltrock sizing is generous, so in hindsight a 5-6 might have been a better option.  But anyway, Monkey loves his new tops and his hoody has had to be prized off of him to get it washed!

Having adventures in Saltrock clothing

His Bubble Pop Over Hoody is much loved and has been near and far with us.  We both love the colour and Monkey likes the fact it fits under his coat and he can still wear the hood up if he likes.

Having adventures in Saltrock clothing

The Phantom tied dyed t-shirt was a big hit on Halloween and Monkey’s worn it under his hoody and jumpers when he’s not been at school.

Having adventures in Saltrock clothing

Monkey’s Ahoy and Lynton Pullovers are a little big for him at the moment, but as he seems to be growing on a daily basis, I’m sure he’ll be in them properly before I know it.

 He particularly likes the Ahoy pullover with its pirate theme, so I’m sure this will be seeing lots of adventures with Monkey in the months to come.

Having adventures in Saltrock clothing

So what about me?  Well after much deliberation I decided on the Adventure Surf V-neck top, Ocean Dip Raglan top and Aqua Flower V-Neck Hoody. I thought the various tops would work well as stand alone piece or that the Adventure Surf top could be worn under either of the other tops if I fancied.

Having adventures in Saltrock clothing

I’m not known for wearing a hoody, but I liked this one from Saltrock as soon as I spotted it on the website. The colours and flower pattern, along with the neckline won me over.

It’s a slim fit, and feels really comfortable to wear and has kept me warm when Monkey’s been cycling around the estate’s cycle paths.  I’ve been converted and can see me wearing this a lot this winter.

The Adventure Surf V-neck top and Ocean Dip Raglan top are far more what you might normally expect to see me wearing and I really do love them both.  The V-neck top is so versatile, it’s lightweight so easy to wear as it is, or under a jumper.  The Raglan top is just me, I love the colour and shaping.  It’s been out and about a lot since it arrived! Although as I’m always the one behind the lens, I did get Daddy P to snap a few shots when he was last at home!

Both tops have three-quarter length sleeves which are something I particularly like.

Everything washes and irons well and Monkey and I are both going to enjoy having adventures in Saltrock clothing. Fireworks night, visit to the theatre, looking at old cars, watching the canal boats go past, going for a bike ride – adventures had, and so many more to come.

Having adventures in Saltrock clothing

Where to next Monkey?

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

2 thoughts on “Having adventures in Saltrock clothing #SaltrockSoul

  1. I love your little man’s hoodie. That’s exactly what I’d buy for Crevette when we go on holidays: warm, practical, looking great!

  2. I’m a fan of SaltRock as well. I discovered them a few years ago in a shop in Swanage and last time I was there I was excited to see they have opened their own shop now. Unfortunately I’ve worn my favourite bright pink tshirt so much it has holes in it and I’m now too small for my other favourite a longer than normal blue tshirt (great as a cover up top on the beach) so I’ve passed that on to a friend.

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