Having fun at home with Funko Pop!

Having fun at home with Funko – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

No one can say that the last few months have been normal for anyone, and it’s certainly not been the Spring and early summer that I’d envisaged for our family. My son is in Year Five and won’t be returning to school until September at the earliest.  I’ve been looking at ways to keep him entertained and offer him more opportunities to use his imagination.  He’s been having fun at home with Funko thanks to a recent delivery.

Having fun at home with Funko Pop!

As you can see, we received quite a selection of this range of collectables, which are perfect for children aged three years and over.

The Funko Pop! figures are great fun, well made and come in a vast range of characters, so there really is something for everyone.  They work well as ornaments but also for children to use as characters in imaginative play.  My son has been having all sorts of adventures with his Leonardo da Vinci and Batman Funko Pop! characters.

Having fun at home with Funko

Batman comes from the Pop! Heroes collection, whilst Leonardo da Vinci is one of the Pop! Artists selection.  As with all the Pop! figures you can move their heads from side to side and they all stand up well on flat surfaces.


Having fun at home with Funko

We’re saving the Harley Quinn Black Mask Club figure from the Pop! Heroes and Hello Kitty Classic from the Pop! Hello Kitty ranges for my great-niece, when we next get to see her.  These figures will be a great to start to her own collection.

Harley Quinn Black Mask Club and Hello Kitty

I love all the details on these characters and at around £10 per character, they are affordable for children to collect.

For a surprise, it’s worth looking at the Funko Mystery Mini range.  We received a Mystery Mini from the Funko Harry Potter range, and were lucky enough to get Harry himself.  He stands just under 4cms tall.

Having fun at home with Funko

Harry Potter Funko mini

Just like the main Pop! Vinyl characters, there are a number of characters to collect.

Fancy playing a joke on someone in your family?  Having fun at home with Funko saw us playing a prank on Daddy P and the Pop! Vinyl Soda we received.  These are another variation on the collectables available from Funko and we received Batman.  He comes in a ‘soda can’, prise the lid open to reveal the character and a collectors card.  He’s just under 11cm tall.

Funko Vinyl Soda Batman

You can store Batman in his tin or use the tin to store treasures as the lid pops back on nicely.  Also worth knowing that these are a limited edition, so get shopping quickly if you have a fan!

My son and I might still be in discussions as to who gets to keep the Rick and Morty Pop! Pen Topper.

Having fun at home with Funko

He’s rather fun, and I do like ballpoint pens that come with lids too.

Having fun at home with Funko

As well as the vast choice of Pop! Vinyl figures that are available, Funko also produce a whole range of Super Plush characters too.  Isn’t our Harry Potter cute?

Harry Potter Super Cute plushie

Harry Potter

As well as the toys and pens you can also spend time having fun at home with Funko and their Pop! FunkoVerse strategy game which is aimed at players aged ten years and older.

Having fun at home with Funko

We received the Jurassic Park version of the game which can be played by two or may players and comes with two Pop! Vinyls.

The rules of the game are quite complicated so you do need to play a few times to really get the hang of it, but it’s been well designed and offers good long term play potential for all the family.  There are a number of different versions to the game and there are add-ons you can purchase too to add another dimension to play.

Have you been having fun at home with Funko?  I’d love to hear about your own collections.

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