Having fun whilst learning with History Heroes

Having fun whilst learning with History Heroes – AD sent for review and giveaway

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned for the purpose of review and giveaway

When you have a child who is a really reluctant reader you have to look at inventive ways to get them reading.  As you all know, I also love games that are also educational and we discovered something over the summer holidays that ticks all the boxes here.  We’ve been having fun whilst learning with History Heroes and their range of educational card games.  The range is aimed at players aged 8 years and over and we’ve both learned things whilst playing together. The games can be played with 2-10 players.

History Heroes card games

The range of award-winning card games from History Heroes come in twelve different categories and my eleven-year-old son picked four different games to play – Kings & Queens, World War II, Inventors and Artists. We both figured that these categories would also work well with his studies in Key Stage Three at Secondary School.

I’m also a big fan of travel games that can fit in a bag easily, and we spent time having fun whilst learning with History Heroes on our recent trip to London.  In fact, looking back on things we probably should have taken the History Heroes London card game with us that day!  But we opted for a game of Kings & Queens on our train journey.

Having fun whilst learning with History Heroes

History Heroes Kings & Queens card game

Each card game comes with 40 different playing cards and the aim of the game is to have either won all of the cards or have more cards than your opponents after an agreed time period. But really having fun whilst learning with History Heroes allows you to make your own rules which always goes down well here.

Having fun whilst learning with History Heroes

Shuffle the cards and deal them out to each player.  On our train journey we played with a few cards at a time as we didn’t have a table to make use of, but at home, we’ve dealt out the whole pack.  The youngest player (player one) starts first and asks the player to their left (player two) to read out a clue about one of the cards held in their hand. Each card features 6 different facts relating to the character shown on the card and player one needs to try to guess who the character is. If player one guesses correctly from the clues provided, they win the card and continue playing, this time asking player three to provide clues to the identity of the characters on their cards. At the point, that player doesn’t guess correctly play moves to player two to guess.

Having fun whilst learning with History Heroes

The 6 facts on each card range in difficulty from green being the easiest, to red being the hardest.  Each card also has a Joker Fact for added fun.  You can really tailor the game to the age of the players and actually, we’ve often played these History Heroes card games more as a ‘did you know?’ type activity, randomly picking a card and reading together.

Having fun whilst learning with History Heroes

We’ve both learned a lot from playing these games and we’ve concentrated more on the learning aspect of the card games at the moment. And reading!  Getting my son reading without really thinking about it.  I’ll take reading anyway I can and he’s been enjoying himself at the same time.  Especially when he catches me out with someone I’ve not heard of or facts that I don’t know.

Having fun whilst learning with History Heroes

You’re never too old to learn something new and I will definitely take these games in our luggage when we do finally get to visit my parents in Spain, whenever that might be, as I know that my son would love challenging his Gramps to a game or two.

I’m also intending to pick different cards out from each game to tie in with my son’s Secondary School work as I think they will fit in really well with his lessons in the years ahead.  They can be a fun revision aid as well as offering some light relief.

We’re back down in London next month, and I’m going to take our History Heroes Artist card game with us so we can match the different artist cards to their paintings and add another element to our learning.

We will continue having fun whilst learning with History Heroes and their range of card games and I’m really pleased we’ve had the opportunity to try these games out.  I can definitely recommend them, and as the dreaded C word starts to get mentioned, these would make great stocking fillers.

You can see the entire range of games available on the History Heroes website, they’ve also recently released a 500 piece jigsaw featuring Medicine Makers which looks like great fun too.

I’ve teamed up with History Heroes to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to win two History Heroes card games of their choice worth £19.98.  For your chance to win, complete the Gleam form below.  Good luck!

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Two History Heroes card games worth £19.98 UK only

84 thoughts on “Having fun whilst learning with History Heroes – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. I was thinking kings and queens but I’m very tempted by the women and the children packs, as so much of history studies centres around men so I would definitely love to read up on the information in the women and the children packs

  2. I would choose Kings and Queens and Inventors as those topics often pop up in quizzes and I might sound intelligent if I can remember the names from the games …

  3. I would choose the Scientists and the Inventors cards, it is so important to know how the world has progressed

  4. I’d pick Artists as my daughter enjoys art and I’d chose explorers as I don’t know much about it so I’d like to learn too

  5. I would choose London because I find all the buildings and Landmark so interesting and Kings and Queens to help my grandchildren to learn about them and get into history!

  6. Kings and Queens and World War 2 as I know that my daughter will be learning about both of these topics soon in school so the cards will be a great fun way to learn.

  7. Kings and Queens and World War II – I think my nephew would benefit greatly from these! They look great! I would enjoy them with him!

  8. I would pick Kings & Queens and The Romans one. When I was taught about the Romans at school, they did such a great job. I remember us having a Roman day, where we dressed up and did battles and had a feast. Kept me interested in them ever since!
    And I’ve always been fascinated with the Kings & Queens! Especially The Tudors.

  9. oh such a hard choice, these sound fantastic to have at our Young Archaeologist game session we have every couple of months, I would pick Kings and Queens and the Romans. They do love timeline so this would be a great addition

  10. I would choose Artists and Scientists because I think these are two subjects that we all should know more about. Plus, Daisy really enjoys science at school and I know she would love to learn more about famous scientists.

  11. I’d definitely choose space for my son, he loves everything about it! And Science as both my kids love exploring this topic!

  12. I’d love to get the Artists and London packs as I love art and I’d love to learn more about some of our country including London.

  13. Love this idea, we find with four children they learn so much through play. We try to use learning through play especially with the younger two. I think the King’s and Queens one would be really helpful

  14. I would pick Kings and Queens because I always get confused about which king was which as a lot share the same name. Inventors looks interesting too.

  15. Artists and Kings and Queens, we love our art in my family and kings and queens would be very interesting to learn about

  16. I’d choose London as my niece loves to visit our capital. I’d also choose the women set so that she can be inspired by those who followed before.

  17. I would choose Romans and kings and queens for my daughters because they love learning about ancient history

  18. I would go for inventors, because I think that would be really interesting, and artists, which I think my little one would be really interested in

  19. i would pick artists and space as my daughter loves art and learning about different art and the artists.Would pick space cos my son loves learning things about space so would find this enjoyable and they would have a prize each then too.

  20. Kings and queens. World war ll I like the history of the monarchy and my daughter is due to study world war ll at school soon

    1. I think I’d go for the sport and artists card games, those would be the ones the kiddies would most enjoy, although all of them look really interesting

  21. I would choose Kings & Queens and London as my son has always been interested in the history of London and the Buckingham Palace

  22. I’d choose: History Heroes: SPACE and EXPLORERS! My family including my son love anything space related and the world so these would be really fun for my family!

  23. I would pick London for when we visit the capital, and Women to give my daughter an insight into how women can be overlooked in traditional history stories.

  24. I think I would choose Space and World War 2 as my son has shown an interest in both of these lately

  25. Explorers and Space because I think the kids would find them the most interesting and I’d like to learn something as well

  26. I think I’d go for Romans as I found them interesting when I studied history at school and artists and inventors & scientists because that would give the opportunity to learn about science as well as history 🙂

  27. Artists and Space because these are two topics my son and I are both very interested in. We love learning new facts.

  28. I’d pick Romans and artists – the Romans because my daughter is obsessed with them and it would immediately grab her attention and artists because i would love it and might learn something!

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