Having fun with JCB Kids

Having fun with JCB Kids #digtheadventure

There are some brands that really having meaning to us as a family.  There’s a connection. One of the first books that Monkey was ever given as a present was a My 1st JCB book about Freddie Fastrac the Tractor.  He was a baby at the time, and I wasn’t aware of the My 1st JCB range.  That was to change very quickly as we built up a collection of the books and toys over his toddler years.  I often joke than I know more about JCB vehicles now, than I ever did when I worked for a company who used to supply parts for their production lines.  Having fun with JCB Kids and their range of products is still very much part of our daily life, even as monkey approaches his 7th birthday.  He’s obsessed with the Backhoe Loaders (never call them diggers in his earshot!), Front Loaders and ADT’s. We also have a range of Fastrac’s that I’m sure most farmers would actually envy!

I knew he’d be thrilled when we were approached to be JCB Kids Ambassadors recently. This is a boy who has a JCB Backhoe Loader history poster on his bedroom wall.  A boy who explodes with excitement whenever we see one of their models when we’re out an about.  He’s moved on a little from the My 1st JCB range, although the characters will stay with him for a long time.  These days he prefers the models that look exactly like the real thing.  When I opened the box of our first delivery, I knew he’d be over the moon.

Having fun with JCB Kids

He couldn’t have asked for anything better.  We received a Hydradig t-shirt, age 7-8 years and a Bruder JCB Backhoe 5CX eco 1:16 scale model.  Monkey’s not a great one for being videoed, but trust me, there were squeals of delight when he saw what was waiting for him after school.

We have a few Bruder vehicles and Monkey has wanted a Backhoe for ages and it was top of his birthday list.  He couldn’t have been any happier to see this, it is really for me Mummy?  Yes, it is.  Wow.

Having fun with JCB Kids

The JCB Backhoe 5CX eco has a whole host of features, that makes it so true to life.  We’ve been to the Tractor Ted Farm shows and Monkey’s seen their Digger Displays, we’ve got JCB DVD’s showing their Dancing Diggers.  This child knows exactly what a Backhoe does.

This model has side doors that open, as does the back window.  The seat inside moves 360 degrees so the driver can drive, and move the backhoe.  The steering wheel actually steers the machine too – always a plus for my son.  In fact, it wasn’t for a couple of day until he discovered why there was a hatch in the roof of the cab.  There’s an extended steering wheel located on the underside of the machine, you put this through the cab hatch, locate it on the steering wheel, to steer remotely.  This has been a big hit.The backhoe section is fully extendable, and can be moved along the back of the machine,  The bucket can also be moved.

This sorts of toys are great for encouraging imaginative play and this particular model is suitable for children aged 4 years and over.  For the last couple of weeks, Monkey has played with his Backhoe pretty much constantly.  The front arms extend and the bucket can tip, the rear stabilisers come down – great for impromptu digger displays after school. Things have been demolished, bricks have been moved from one construction site to another.  It’s even been off roading as I received a rather unusual alarm call one morning.

Bruder toys are made to last and they do, we already know that.  This toy is so loved already, and I know Monkey will be playing with it for a long time to come.  He has a digging area in the back garden, and I can just imagine the adventures he’ll be having there, in better weather.

Priced at £43.99 it’s a great toy and a big hit here.  Available through most toy retailers, including Argos and Smyths I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below and have noticed it currently on offer for £35.99 – bargain!

Monkey’s Coral Hydradig t-shirt has also been a big hit.  It’s nice to see that slightly older children are also catered for and this t-shirt is going to be worn a lot in the months ahead.  It washes and irons well and the sizing is good.

Monkey’s been having fun with JCB Kids and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you in the months ahead, as we explore the ranges they have to offer.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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