Having fun with Scheich dinosaurs

Having fun with Scheich dinosaurs – review

Like most children of his age, my 7 year son is obsessed with dinosaurs.  It’s always amazed me how quickly he picked up all of the, sometimes incredibly hard to pronounce names, and can reel them off to me verbatim. It’s like he was born with the information already programmed in.  He’s got a good collection of his favourite beasts but I knew he’d welcome a few more and he’s been having fun with Scheich dinosaurs after school recently.

Having fun with Scheich dinosaurs

My lucky dinosaur hunter received the new Feathered Raptors set along with a Mini T-Rex and Mini Utahraptor from the Schleich range of dinosaurs.

As we’ve come to expect from Schleich, the quality and accuracy, is wonderful, the details are there for all to admire. The Feathered Raptor set includes a Utahraptor, Velociraptor and Microraptor.  It’s strange to think that all of these creatures had feathers, but none of them could actually fly.

With all the upheaval with the decorating and carpet laying, a lot of Monkey’s toys have been packed up out-of-the-way, so he was more than happy to have a few new play mates to keep him company.

Having fun with Scheich dinosaurs

He’s been having fun with Scheich dinosaurs, and pitting them against each other in ferocious battles.  After all, you throw a T-Rex into the mix and anything can happen.  I’m sure as we start to unpack his toys again that the dinosaurs will find themselves travelling around in Lego cars and Playmobil tractors.  That’s the wonderful thing about these kinds of toys, they just fire the imagination and anything is possible.  They offer great play potential but also have an educational basis too.  Monkey has been learning about (or telling his teacher all about more like) dinosaurs at school, and it’s great for him to have versions of the beasts to hand to really get to grips with the topic. It all helps to bring education to life and for a child who isn’t keen on independent reading, it’s a great tool for me to have to encourage him to find out more about each type of dinosaur he now has in his collection.

These Schleich dinosaurs are aimed at children aged 3 years and over, the Feathered Raptor set is available for £13.99, and the Mini T-Rex and Mini Utahraptor are £2.99 each.  Making them all great pocket money purchases. You can see the full range of animals available over on the Schleich website, Monkey’s got his eye on the Volcano set.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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