Having fun with Screwball Scramble

Having fun with Screwball Scramble – review and giveaway

We’ve been having fun with Screwball Scramble here over the last few weeks.  This is a classic game available through TOMY, and although it’s designed with children in mind, I haven’t been the only adult to try their hand oat it since it’s arrived.

Having fun with Screwball Scramble

I believe the concept for this game has been around for some time, as I know we’ve played with in in play groups when my son was quite small.  Having fun with Screwball Scramble is designed really for children aged 5 years and over and can be played as a single player game, or with friends.

Having fun with Screwball Scramble

There’s minimal assembly required to set up the game, and it comes with a one minute timer to add that extra drama to the game.  It also comes with 2 ball bearings to play the game.

Having fun with Screwball Scramble

The idea of having fun with Screwball Scramble is to try and complete the course, without dropping the ball, and in the fastest time.

Having fun with Screwball Scramble

If you drop the ball you go back to the start of the course in front of the blue tilting walkway and start again, whilst leaving the timer running.

Having fun with Screwball Scramble

The game works on improving hand eye coordination skills as you navigate the eight different challenging sections of the course using the seven yellow buttons to guide the ball bearing along the way.  Sounds easy?  It’s not as easy as it looks.

You place the ball bearing in the start position in front of the tilting walkway, and set the hand on the timer and press the start button on it as the first player begins having fun with Screwball Scramble.

Having fun with Screwball ScrambleIf you can complete the course before the one minute timer runs out, press the button to stop it and record how many seconds you’ve taken.  I have to be totally honest, none of us who’ve been having fun with Screwball Scramble have been able to complete the challenge within this time, and more often than not when we’ve been playing we’ve not even set it.  It’s a fin game to play either way, and I don’t think it really takes anything away from it.  Just completing the course is challenge enough for us.

You use the yellow buttons to help manoeuvre the ball bearing through each section of the game. From crossing the tilting walkway, balancing on the crane, making it across the parallel bars and wobbling across the maze table, we all agreed that the red blind maze was the trickiest obstacle to master.  We’ve certainly been having fun with Screwball Scramble as we’ve tried to get to grips with each part of the course.  As the ball reaches the end of the course you catapult it to hit a bell and then your go is over.

Having fun with Screwball Scramble

Having fun with Screwball Scramble is great for us, as my son often plays it whilst I’m cooking dinner.  It keeps him occupied and doesn’t need someone else to play with him necessarily.  I do wish that the game came with a storage compartment for the two ball bearings, as I can see those getting lost.  But other that, this is a great little game that we’ve all enjoyed playing.  Now to beat that timer!

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115 thoughts on “Having fun with Screwball Scramble – review and giveaway

  1. I would love it for my nephew, he has trouble concentrating but I think this would help keep him engaged. I have tried it before and it is harder than it looks

  2. I would love to win for my 5 year old daughter, she loves playing games together and I rather her play real games to computer/tablet ones xxx

  3. Who would you like to win this game for and why? . . . .for my grandsons ‘cos they love to play games

  4. I’d like to win this for my older two granddaughters, as they are exactly the ages their Mummy and Aunt were when I bought exactly the same game for them, back in the 1980s, and we can all remember how much fun it was for children and adults alike. In fact I can remember one dinner party where all the guests spent the evening sprawled in the play corner playing with it instead of sitting chatting like real grown ups. I’m sure the grandkids would love it and love the connection to their Mummy’s own childhood.
    Jane Willis

  5. Ah man, I remember this from when I was a kid. Didn’t realise it was still a thing. My kids would absolutely love it.

  6. For my Granddaughter, she would love it, her father had one when he was a youngster, so the pair of them would have great fun with it

  7. I remember buying this for my children. They loved it and it would be great to see my grandchildren having fun with the same game.

  8. I remember playing it as a child. Was not quite so colourful then. Absolutely loved it.
    Would be lovely to introduce my kids to this.
    Have already got them hooked on downfall

  9. I would give this to my son because I know he would love it. I had it as a child and it was my favourite game ever, I obsessed over it!

  10. Id love to win it for me and my lillie pops, I think its one that we can both get the hang of and enjoy

  11. This would come in useful when I’m looking after my grandchildren,it would keep them all occupied for ages

  12. I’d share with my 3 children.. I’d love to be able to play it again one of my favourite games as a kid I’m sure they would love it too

  13. I’d love to win this for my nephew! He loves puzzle games and think this would be right up his street!

  14. I’d like to win it for my cousins, I used to love playing this when I was younger and I’m sure they would too

  15. I always wanted one of these when I was little. I might share it with the kids if they’re good 😉

  16. i would love this for my neices and nephews when they come to stay as i remember playing this for hours myself when i was young

  17. I would love to win for my daughter, I always wanted this as a child, so I would love to play this game with my family

  18. i would love to win this for my brother to play with my son. He used to have this game when he was younger

  19. omg i loved this game as a kid! i would love to introduce my little ones to it too!!! im sure theyd love this!!!!

  20. I live in a supported accommodation for mental health and learning disabilities and I would love to win this for residents to enjoy themselves.

  21. I would love to win this for my nieces as I don’t see them that often and it would be so much fun to play with them! Fingers crossed!

  22. I would love to win it fir my son and daughter , they seem to play really nicely with each other when they have a game with simple rules to follow

  23. I loved this game as a kid, would love to win for my daughter so she can experience the same enjoyment I had playing it

  24. I’d love to win this game for me lol because it takes me right back 🙂 Screwball Scramble was one of my favourites as a child, I absolutely loved it – and it hasn’t changed at all 🙂 except for the colours being different this one is pretty much identical to the one I had.

  25. I’d love to win this for my daughter so we can play it together. I remember playing with one similar when I was younger

  26. I would love it for myself and maybe let my sons have a go after i finish. Would love to play this again

  27. I’d love to win for my son, I keep trying to get games I played asa child to pay with him. He would love this 🙂

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