Having fun with the Foul Play card game

Having fun with the Foul Play card game – AD sent for review and giveaway

disclosure: we were sent then item mentioned for the purpose of this review

There’s been far too much screen time in this household over the last year of lockdowns so I’m always keen to look at ways to entertain my eleven-year-old son where there’s no technology involved.  Having fun with the Foul Play card game is a perfect example of just that.  The game is aimed at players aged eight years and over and can be played with two-five players.

Having fun with the Foul Play card game

The game comes with fifty-two playing cards and four instructions cards and can be played as either a Good Cop or Bad Cop scenario. There are different rules and tactics required depending on which version of Foul Play that you play.  So far, much to my surprise, my son has insisted that every game we play, we play as the Good Cop.

Having fun with the Foul Play card game

You step back in time to spend time having fun with the Foul Play card game as it’s set in Edwardian England.  The Lord of the Manor is dead, it’s murder! The aim of the game is to be the first player to discover who is the culprit by uncovering evidence and solving the murder.

When you first read through the instructions of how to play Foul Play it’s rather difficult to understand how you get to the point where you can possibly uncover the murderer.  It’s definitely the kind of game that really starts to make sense as you play it.

Having fun with the Foul Play card game

There are lots of swapping cards with other players involved, as you try to track down the three evidence cards which will help you to identify the dastardly villain.

Having fun with the Foul Play card game

So you need to be strategic, as well as using memory skills as the game progresses.  Having fun with the Foul Play card game is a little different from other murder mystery games we’ve played and it keeps you on your toes. It’s certainly kept us well entertained recently.  Now I just need to convince my son to try the Bad Cop version!

Having fun with the Foul Play card game

Having fun with the Foul Play card game

If you fancy having fun with the Foul Play card game you can purchase it directly from the website for £8.95 +p&p.

I’m pleased to be able to offer you the chance to win the Foul Play card game worth £8.95 for yourself.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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Foul Play card game worth £8.95 UK only

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