Having fun with the StikBot Castle Movie Set

Having fun with the StikBot Castle Movie Set

Since we were first introduced to the StikBot Pirate Movie Set last year, my son has become rather a big fan.  We’ve bought him a few additional StikBot figures, including the StikBot Cat which arrived in his Christmas Stocking.  We’ve recently been having fun with the StikBot Castle Movie Set from Brainstorm Ltd.

Having fun with the Stikbot Castle Movie Set

The set comes with one poseable StikBot figure, various accessories and hand clips, a sticker sheet of clothes and the StikBot Castle and instructions.

You do need to assemble the Castle set, ballista and catapult before you can start really having fun with the StikBot Castle Movie Set.  The instructions are easy to follow, and although this set is aimed at children aged 4 years and over, I would suggest that assembly is completed by an adult.  The board is sturdy, but you don’t want to be too heavy-handed when putting the pieces together.

Having fun with the StikBot Castle Movie Set

Our only criticism of these sets is that they only come with one poseable StikBot figures.  It’s fine for us, as we have a number of figures already.  But if you are new to the StikBot range, it would make for much better play options if the sets came with two figures in my opinion.

The Stikbot figure comes with a range of accessories and hand clips which fit over the the arm suckers and clip to the play pieces.

The figures come with suckers on their arms and legs so they will stick to any flat surface, you can pose them and have lots of fun playing with them.

Not only can you spend time having fun with the StikBot Castle Movie Set with the castle in it’s closed position, with a drawbridge that lowers and rises.

Having fun with the StikBot Castle Movie Set

But you can also open one side of the castle walls to really get the most from this play set.

Having fun with the StikBot Castle Movie Set

As well as being a wonderful small world play set, having fun with the StikBot Castle Movie Set offers extended play potential with the free StikBot stop frame animation app available for iPhone or Android.

You can download and produce your own castle movie masterpiece too, as well as sharing creations on the StikBot Central Youtube channel. My son created this by himself.  He’s still learning that you need to take a lot of shots to actually make a decently length of animation, but he was happy with his attempt.

Having fun with the StikBot Castle Movie Set has certainly been keeping him busy and I can see the pirates might be invading the castle some time soon, maybe with the off StikDino involved too!

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3 thoughts on “Having fun with the StikBot Castle Movie Set

  1. That looks like a fantastic set. I really like the look of the StikBot’s.
    I had a set in my Amazon basket before Christmas but never got around to getting them. I think they might be getting added to the basket again. I think my youngest would love them. x

    1. We really love Stikbots, I’ve added a few to our collection since we first reviewed the pirate set. Great as stand alone play toys and then the animation element adds a whole other level of play potential

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