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Hedrin Protect & Go – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent this product for the purpose of review

You may recall my dread a few months back at a sign that went up at my son’s pre-school advising us that Head Lice had taken up residence.  Luckily, the little critters kept away from him so we avoided the experience.  This week sees him move to his future school’s nursery class.  The school, like so many apparently these days, has an ongoing issue with head lice.  Well, this is an answer to my fears – Hedrin Protect & Go.

The UK’s no.1 head lice brand has launched Hedrin Protect & Go, a clinically proven head lice protection spray which offers parents greater control in the battle against head lice.

Hedrin Protect & Go, Hedrin Protect & Go
Hedrin Protect & Go

Hedrin Protect & Go is a fuss-free spray which, when applied twice a week, protects children from the parasites by breaking the life cycle and killing lice before an infestation can be established.

So as he started at the school nursery yesterday, we sprayed his hair beforehand and will continue to do so twice a week, fingers crossed it does what it says.  The spray has an orange and mango scent to it, so not too strong to upset him as I sprayed it on his hair.  You comb it in and it dries quickly in his hair and doesn’t leave any stickiness.  I will let you know how we get on by the next half term!  You can also spray it on wet hair and again, leave it to dry naturally.

It’s also good to know that it is skin-friendly and contains no known asthma triggers.

Priced at £4.29 for the 120ml bottle Hedrin Protect & Go is available from all well-known retailers including Boots.  If you would like more information you can visit Hedrin or like the Facebook page Once a Week, Take a Peak.


2 thoughts on “Hedrin Protect & Go – AD sent for review

  1. I only found you because I wanted to know if that stuff actually works! Disgusting head lice now seem to be epidemic in all schools now, in a way they were not when we were growing up. I have actually given up killing them with any products, as they are just back again in a couple of days. Instead, is a case of ruthless and relentless combing on a daily basis, and products used only on myself as I have dreadlocks. It makes it difficult to enjoy ces so much, the thought of those vile things going onto my own head, which is very very sad. I hope ypu do not have the same problem, and yes, something to deter them is a good idea! Get a really good comb with very fine teeth and check your monkey anyway. So many parents seem not to bother or care, and I’m.saying rhat because of the continous infestations which are invariably written about on the school newsletter,begging parents to all treat their children there and then, but yet it carries on. The only break from it is during the holidays!
    I just think its cool that you are writing this, there are lots of us out there, but we are largely ignored, and yes, it is a different experience being a woman over 40 with small children.
    Angelena, aged 51, a single parent with a disability, with three monkies under 10

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