Hello Fresh make dinner time easy

Hello Fresh make dinner time easy

When Monkey was younger I was so good at cooking everything from scratch, trying something new all the time.  Offering lots of choice and variety to our diet.  Then we hit the brick wall of fussy eaterdom and as I eat with Monkey every day, I’ve lost inspiration when it comes to dinnertime.  Since having school dinners I’ve noticed that there’s been some improvement with Monkey trying a few new dinners so it was time to take that to a new level. Hello Fresh make dinner time easy, as they provide a meal delivery service.  Not only do you receive a selection of recipes, you receive everything bar oil, that you need to make each meal.

Hello Fresh make dinner time easy

We received a Family Box from Hello Fresh which includes 4 recipes (these change every week) along with all the ingredients (most already to the exact measurement required) to make each meal.  The box includes a fully insulated section to keep meats chilled perfectly.

Monkey got to help me put all the ingredients away when our delivery arrived and we talked through what everything was.  He’s used to seeing lots of fruit and veg with Daddy P being in the business but it was good to talk about a few different items.  Also we spotted Chorizo – yes Monkey, we see that in Spain don’t we when we see Granny and Gramps.

We agreed that the Cheesy Cheddar Bake with Grilled Chicken Skewers was likely to go down well with everyone.  Monkey loves broccoli, cheese and pasta so I was fairly confident of everyone being happy at dinnertime.  I’ve not thought to make chicken kebabs and bake in the oven before, I’ll be doing that again as Monkey loved them. The recipe card was really easy to follow, Monkey kept popping in and out to see what was happening.  I did find that I didn’t have enough bacon to follow the recipe exactly, but that didn’t matter as we all love chicken.  There are LH steps on each recipe card to point out the steps that children might enjoy helping with.  Monkey did help with some of the steps, but was very unwilling to be photographed – yep, it’s that stage!

The meal was delicious, we all really enjoyed the smokey cheddar too.  We had enough of the pasta bake for Daddy P and I to enjoy for lunch the next day.

Another favourite with Monkey, is noodles and he’s been known to eat roast beef from time to time in small quantities so the Stir Fried Chinese Chilli Beef with Smithfield Steak looked promising.  I really uumed and aahed about including the chilli in this recipe.  In the end I decided against it, as I thought there was a far great chance of Monkey eating the meal without it.  With older children I think I’d have been more inclined to leave it it.

Again, the meal was easy to cook, the ingredients including the steak, were all good quality and the meal tasted delicious.

Hello Fresh make dinner time easy

Monkey did pick out the spring onions (this is the same child that eats raw onion happily!) but he did enjoy the rest of the meal so again, it’s something I’ll try again.  We found we had enough of this meal for Daddy P to take a portion to work to eat overnight too.

I’m a huge fan of couscous and loved the look of the Souk-ulent Chicken Tagine with Apricots, Almonds and Yogurt. I found that this meal made enough for us to eat over 2 nights.  Monkey decided that he no longer likes couscous (don’t you love children!) but he did enjoy the rest of the meal.  It was full of flavour and was so easy to put together.

Hello Fresh make dinner time easy

Hello Fresh make dinner time easy and made me realise I’ve become really complacent with the meals we have.  I need to stress less about whether Monkey will eat everything I dish up and just cook!  I want to get him more involved with the cooking process too.  This is so much easier in school holidays, when he’s not so tired after a long day at school.  We’ll be cooking together this week and getting him to try to expand his horizons on the food front.  Tonight we’re having the Mexican Tortilla Stack with Guacamole and Black Bean Salsa – it sounds good doesn’t it!

For more information on the different food boxes available from Hello Fresh, pricing and delivery days (delivery is free) then pop over to their website.  I can thoroughly recommend the Family Box option.

What do you like cooking with the kids?

disclaimer:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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  1. We’ve tried Hello Fresh before and I love the concept of having everything thought out for you. It’s a great idea for trying new foods and recipes.

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