HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot – a review

HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot – a review

When I went to the Toy Fair in London earlier this year, both The Soup Dragon Says and I were keen to visit the HEXBUG stand.  I’d first seen their wonderful robotic beasts in Hamleys and the whole family were captivated.  Monkey needs to do a  bit more growing before he is old enough to play and truly appreciate the Crab, Scarab and Ant.  But, he is the perfect age for Aquabots, and we were recently sent the HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot.

HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot

Not only do we have a robotic shark, the HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot glows in the dark!

HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot

The water-born Zombie Aquabot is equipped with an automatic on and off sensor that activates when submerged in water, a design element meant to get kids thinking about the science behind the robot. Powered by electro-magnetic propulsion and onboard software, the Zombie Aquabot swims just like a real fish, diving down and around to explore its environment.

Let me introduce you to Monkey’s new pet – Sharkie – I know!  It’s a really imaginative name, that’s Monkey.  I’m actually surprised he isn’t just called Shark!  Anyway our HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot comes with 2 cell batteries (LR44), he reacts to water and is aimed at children from the age of 3 years.

We were all interested to see what would happen when Sharkie went for a swim.

As soon as the HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot hits the water he starts to swim, his tail moves and off he goes.  He can change direction and will keep going for 5 minutes.  If you pull him out of the water he will stop, and start again as soon as he is put back in his bowl.  You get some idea of what he does in our short vlog:

You can buy tanks for the Aquabots and I think that will be our next investment.  At the moment our HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot has borrowed one of my mixing bowls, he’s also had a good swim in the washing up bowl.

Monkey is really enjoyed watching his new friend Sharkie swimming around the bowl. I think it’s great that the Aquabot automatically shuts off after 5 minutes.  He does look fab in the dark, the photos I’ve taken just don’t come out well, so you’ll have to trust me on that score.

For £7.99 I think this is a good introduction to robots for younger kids, as well as being an easy to look after first ‘pet’!  The HEXBUG Zombie Aquabot was launched last month and is stocked by Toys R Us.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Ryan chose something very similar for his birthday last month.
    He wanted the robo fish initially but then spotted the hexbug aquabot for half the price, complete with a small plastic tank.

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