Hocus Pocus Diplodocus

Hocus Pocus Diplodocus – a book review

I’ve mentioned before that Monkey has become very interested in dinosaurs this year.  I always love it when we find a book that works with something he is really interested in.  So I was rather happy when I received a newly released book from Maverick Arts Publishing called Hocus Pocus Diplodocus.

Hocus Pocus DiplodocusLet me introduce you to the world’s very first magician!  Hocus Pocus Diplodocus is the first picture book written by Steve Howson.  Monkey and I both love the sound of Diplodocus, so this book was a hit straight away.  The illustrations by Kate Daubey are colourful and really engage children.

It would appear the Hocus is a bit different from all his dinosaur friends; he could make all sorts of things disappear.  He even saved his friend Burpy Barasaurus from the jaws of a T-Rex using his special powers.

Hocus Pocus DiplodocusA magician had been born, Hocus Pocus Diplodocus wowed the crowds from near and far with his amazing talents.  As he grew up, so his powers increased until ……

I’m not going to reveal the end of the story, it’s very clever and left Monkey asking lots of questions.  Any dinosaur fan will enjoy this book, it’s funny and not at all scary for younger children either.

If you live near York why not pop along to Waterstones Saturday 21st June and meet Steve Howson for yourself.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review






8 thoughts on “Hocus Pocus Diplodocus – a book review

  1. Question for you – is this a new book, or is it an old one republished? I swear I remember a Hocus Pocus Diplodocus book (which might be one my sister read) from the early to mid seventies – you got my memory working there for a second 🙂

  2. You review the loveliest books! We have so many books in our house but you can never have too many and I have a list longer than my arms of ones I’d like to get at some point – This has been added! x

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