Horrid Henry's Royal Riot

Horrid Henry’s Royal Riot – book review

Monkey’s become quite a fan of Horrid Henry this year thanks to the Early Reader books we’ve received from Orion Books. When we were asked to review Horrid Henry’s Royal Riot, I knew it would be a hit.

Horrid Henry's Royal Riot

Horrid Henry’s Royal Riot was published last month and is a bumper paperback edition containing four great Horrid Henry adventures.  These are Horrid Henry’s Thank You Letter, Horrid Henry Meets the Queen, Moody Margaret’s School and Horrid Henry’s Sports Day.

Each story is around 70 pages long, but there’s not a great deal of text on each page, so Monkey is more than happy to listen as I read him one of the stories at bedtime.

Horrid Henry's Royal Riot

The magical thing now is that he can sometimes help me with some of the words!  Yes, Monkey is learning to read and it’s totally wonderful.

The Horrid Henry’s Royal Riot collection is written as ever by Francesca Simon and illustrated by Tony Ross.

With Monkey’s birthday and Christmas next month we will have lots of Thank You cards to write, and I’m hoping that Monkey doesn’t have the same issues with them as Horrid Henry!  He has a brother called Perfect Pete who has been a good boy and written all his thank you letters, Horrid Henry can’t see the point, especially when his Great Aunt Greta sent him a Baby Poopie Pants doll.

When Horrid Henry finally decides to write his thank you letters, he is a little too honest with his feelings.  He then comes up with a master plan, he’ll write personalised letters for his friends, for a small charge obviously.  Business is brisk and when faced with a mountain of letters to write …… well it’s Horrid Henry isn’t it, so it all goes horribly wrong!

In Horrid Henry Meets the Queen, you can imagine the chaos that is going to be caused by a royal visit to Henry’s school can’t you. Even worse when Perfect Peter is chosen to meet the Queen whilst Horrid Henry is put as far away as possible.

Horrid Henry tries to sabotage his brother as he practices what he needs to say to the Queen.  Then on the big day, think mud, lots of mud, Horrid Henry and the Queen. Monkey loves this story.  It’s his favourite.

In Moody Margaret’s School we meet Horrid Henry’s next door neighbour and she can certainly give him a run for his money.  Finally in Horrid Henry’s Sports Day our hero/villain isn’t very good at the events.  He is looking at another year of not winning a prize. Chaos will reign when Moody Margaret and Horrid Henry are paired together for the Three Legged Race!

This collection would make a wonderful present this Christmas for any Horrid Henry fan starting out on their reading journey.  I know it’s going to be much read here over the next few years!

Priced at £9.99 it’s a bargain and you can click on my Amazon affiliate link below to purchase.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review


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