How to Kill Your Best Friend

How to Kill Your Best Friend – AD sent for review

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I’m a big fan of Lexie Elliott so I was eagerly awaiting the launch of her new novel, How to Kill Your Best Friend.  Published through Corvus in September, this novel leaves you guessing until the end.  It was certainly worth the wait.

How to Kill Your Best Friend

I do love a good thriller and How to Kill Your Best Friend is just that. The novel is based around three women Georgie, Lissa and Bronwyn; who have been best friends since they were part of their college swimming team. But Lissa is now dead and the old swimming team have come together on the remote island where she drowned for her memorial, which is being held in the luxury resort owned by her second husband.

No one can truly understand how Lissa, a very strong and experienced open water swimmer could have drowned. Nothing makes sense and the friends are soon questioning the circumstances surrounding Lissa’s death, as well as each other. Is there a killer at large? Did one of the friends plan to murder her all along?  There are so many questions to be answered as the plot within How to Kill Your Best Friend unfurls.

Georgie is determined to uncover the truth about her friend’s disappearance in the mysterious Kanu Cove and it’s clear that Bronwyn’s secret is going to be uncovered. As the tension builds the weather turns and the friends are left wondering if they will get to leave the remote island at all. The past is coming back to haunt them all, as it becomes clear that Lissa’s first husband’s death was not all it seemed at the time.  Someone needs to pay for their lies and deceit but who will it be?

How to Kill Your Best Friend is a gripping psychological thriller and I loved it.  Well written with strong characters, I can thoroughly recommend it and have included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference (I do earn from qualifying purchases).

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