i need a new dress

I need a new dress – AD paid post

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I’ve been looking through my wardrobe and not getting much inspiration lately.  I seem to live in jeans most of the time and when I do get to go out – I look through my clothes and just go ‘aargh’ – I desperately need a new dress.  So money is tight, stay at home mum and all that.  Gone are the days of buying pretty much whatever I like, whenever I like.  So I decided to set myself a bit of a challenge – could I find a dress for around £20.00?  What do you reckon?  I really want a nice day dress, but something smart.

Now I think I might have made it clear before that I love all things blue!  So I got very excited when I came across this ….. (you do need to click it to see it properly!)

i need a new dress
Navy Jagged Neck Tailored Dress

As soon as I set my eyes on it, I knew I might just have to try it.  Now where’s it from I hear you ask?  New Look, – yep New Look! Is it on budget? Bang on – £19.99!  I love the colour and style, and the interesting neckline detail.

I do have to be careful sometimes.  I’m a typical pear shape, so not much up top, slim waist and slightly out of proportion hips.  Sometimes, well actually a lot of times, I struggle to find a slim fit dress that fits properly.  If it fits around my bust, it’s a bit tight on my hips and likewise, if it fits on my hips, its saggy up top!

Could I find anything else? So maybe something with a flared skirt might work better?

I need a new dress
Blue Seam Detail Sleeveless Skater Dress

This dress might just be a better option, love the colour, great style, loving the price …. £12.99, again from New Look.  I decided to have a further look on their website, I’m on a roll with the blue dress, I need a new dress, I definately need a new blue dress!

Now I could bust the budget with this lovely chiffon number at £25.00

I need a new dress
Pussycat Blue V Neck Chiffon Wrap Dress

Again, I love the colour and style, but might have a problem with the wrap over and my small bust.  Uuum, decisions, decisions ……

It also shows that you don’t need to be 21 to shop in New Look, I’ve always been able to pick a bargain or two from there, and hopefully this 45-year-old could still get away with wearing any of these dresses without embarrassing my nieces too much, whom are regular shoppers there!!

Which dress do you think I should get? Don’t think even Daddy P could complain if I went £5.00 over budget. Although I’m sure he’d be even happier if I was £7.00 under budget.  Either way the New Look Day Dresses are bang on budget.



6 thoughts on “I need a new dress – AD paid post

  1. Well, I like them all. But this is my opinion…number 1 is lovely but probably not going to be a fab fit for a “pear” shape. Number 2 is probably going to fit better, as the flared skirt is perfect for slightly wider hips (not that you have any)! so I would guess your best bet and number 3 I love, (maybe a plunge, slightly padded bra?) but it’s more of an evening dress, in my opinion. You can but try them all 🙂 hope that helps! x

  2. I love number two personally! Am probably not the best person to advise on shape though as I am the opposite way around with a huge bust!

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