Improving our Spanish with FlashSticks

Improving our Spanish with FlashSticks

As you know we have family living in Spain and I’m keen for Monkey to learn Spanish at an early age.  We’ve been Improving our Spanish with FlashSticks lately.

Improving our Spanish with FlashSticks

FlashSticks offer a range of foreign language (and BSL) learning packs in the form of Post-It notes.  We received the Beginners Spanish set, which contains 100 different words, colour coded by gender masculine (blue), feminine (pink) and others (green).

Improving our Spanish with FlashSticks

What I instantly liked about this pack was the phonetic spelling of the various words.  I am probably beyond the beginners stage myself, but this type of sounding out works perfectly for a 5 year old Monkey.

We’ve been trying to match the Post-It notes to relevant objects around the house to help Monkey with his learning.

I like the concept of the FlashSticks but the Post-It notes do tend to lose their adhesion after a while.  I wonder if there is a better way to make each note more long-lasting. Especially as I’m sure I’m not alone in not wanting the notes out all of the time.

But something we love about the FlashSticks range is the interactive app which is available for Apple and Google Play.  Once you’ve installed the app you hold your phone in front of the relevant Post-It note, the app scans the note and someone appears on-screen and reads the word out for you to help with pronunciation.

I have found that you do need to be quite precise with scanning the note, or it misreads the word in a different language.  This could be an issue with younger children who may not realise the mistake quickly.

But for £4.99 we’ve been improving our Spanish with FlashSticks, and will hopefully have some fun with them over the summer holidays too.  I want to make some of them into a story board to help keep Monkey’s attention on them and focus his learning.

There are three different learning levels with the FlashSticks packs – beginners, intermediates and advanced.  I’d certainly be interested in seeing what each pack has to offer as Monkey and I are at different learning levels.

Are you helping your children to learn a foreign language at a young age?  Any top tips you’d like to share?

disclaimer:  we were sent the set featured in exchange for an honest review

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  1. These look an amazing idea, and I think I will have to find some for our upcoming French trip. I would love it if the boy could feel confident to speak a little French as languages are so important. Hope monkeys Spanish improves for your next Spanish trip.

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