Introducing Monkey to My Own Fairy magic

Introducing Monkey to My Own Fairy magic

I had a vivid imagination as a child and spent a lot of time in my own little fantasy world.  I always believed that the bottom of our garden was a magical place.  It was my space, where my beloved swing lived, as well as the compost heap! (but will gloss over that little detail). Monkey also has a wonderful imagination and as an only child he is used to creating his own little world.  I’ve been interested in bringing in a new element to his play for a while and have now been introducing Monkey to My Own Fairy magic.

Introducing Monkey to My Own Fairy magic

I met up with the My Own Fairy team when I visited Spring Fair last month and knew the concept was something that could work for us.  You may remember that we had a visit from Berry the Elf in the run up to Christmas and he’d gone down brilliantly with Monkey.

The My Own Fairy doors are available in a number of different colour/theme options – we went for the red door with a football.  The door comes complete with a key and fairy dust, along with a code to join the free Fairy Club.  This club gives you access to a ‘Certificate of Fairy Residence’ template to download, a story to read, along with drawing templates.

Introducing Monkey to My Own Fairy magic

Introducing Monkey to My Own Fairy magic 2


There are other accessories available to aid the magic, including Wooden Magical Stepping Stones and wall stickers.


Introducing Monkey to My Own Fairy magic

The main idea for My Own Fairy door is that a Fairy moves into your home and you know when this has happened as the key mysteriously disappears.  Your fairy could then leave your child a note every time they visit, or it could come into play as a home for the ‘tooth fairy’ perhaps.

But in this house the My Own Fairy door is going to lead to magical land full of Lego characters, Duplo Men and elves!

Introducing Monkey to My Own Fairy magic

I love the idea that fairy doors can become different things to different children.  Monkey isn’t that interested in fairies themselves, but he loves elves and lands where knights chase after dragons.  Where his pilot Lego man can zoom into space and fly to the moon.

We’ll be making our door part of our nightly story time.  Which character might live behind the door tonight, what will they be doing, where will they go?  Sometimes Monkey may well wake up to a special delivery from a far off land.

There are so many possibilities, only limited by your child’s imagination.  I can thoroughly recommend them.  If you visit the Facebook page you can get some great ideas – from a Lego fairy house to fairy garden!

The My Own Fairy doors and accessories are available directly from their website – the various doors are priced at £19.99 and the stepping-stones you can see able are priced at £3.50.  The quality of the door is excellent and I know it’s going to provide a lot of magical fun in this house.

disclaimer: we were given the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review.


5 thoughts on “Introducing Monkey to My Own Fairy magic

  1. Loving the idea of using Lego with it. They are good quality doors aren’t they 🙂

  2. I love theses little fairy doors, so cute. When we find out forever home I want to get one for the kids.

  3. I love the idea of this. We used to have some fairy doors in woods near us and H loved trying to find them. Sadly most have disappeared now, but they are making some more, but it would be magical to have one at home too.

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