Jacques Vert Group SS15 Preview

Jacques Vert Group SS15 preview #JVGSS15

Last month I headed down to London after the school run, I’d been invited to the Jacques Vert Group SS15 preview.  The group consists of Jacques Vert, Kaliko, Planet, Precis Petite, Minuet Petit, Windsmoor, Eastex and Dash.  I was in for a real treat, and if I’m honesty it was like being in a candy store, with so many treats to take in!

Jacques Vert Group SS15 preview

Jacques Vert as a brand has long been associated with fashions for the mother of the bride but in 2015 the brand will be branching to all generations.  With a ranges of dresses and two pieces that can be mixed and matched the Jacques Vert Spring/Summer collection for 2015 really will please different age groups.  I was pleasantly surprised, as, to be honest, I’ve not previously thought of the brand for myself.

But I loved the colours – muted pinks, creams and lilacs, along with pale greens.  Fabrics range from lace, chiffons and satins, with some really beautiful shift dresses.  I love the idea of shopping for an occasion outfit and being able to get everything from shoes, dress, jacket, handbag and hat to complete the look in one place.  Doesn’t that just make life easier!

I’m a typical Pear Shape – not much up top – it’s all on my hips and derriere!  So dresses can sometimes be a real issue for me.  I love this outfit which would solve any issues I may have.  The Top will retail for £79.00, Skirt for £89.00 and matching bag £69.00.

Jacques Vert Group SS15 preview

Rachel Trevor-Morgan, milliner to the Queen will be working with Jacques Vert again in 2015 with a range of coordinating hats, fascinators and headpieces.  The selection I got to see where just beautiful.

Kaliko is a brand I’m more aware of and the Spring Summer collection didn’t disappoint. The brand will offer a range of occasional wear outfits, including its first Bridesmaid collection.

Jacques Vert Group SS15 preview

The Bridesmaid Collection features a number of different styles, all available in pastel shades of peppermint, buttercup, blossom and mink.  I really liked the idea of mixing and matching dresses to flatter different figures.  Everyone wants to feel comfortable on the big day, don’t they.  With a range of accessories, including some beautifully embellished belts and head pieces, the range also includes matching bolero jackets and pashmina’s.

The main collection for Kaliko features a range of dressed and separates in pastels and bold prints.  There really is something for everyone in this range and I saw a number of items that would fit very well in my wardrobe next year!

Here are just some of my favourites.

Jacques Vert Group SS15 Preview

These dresses will range from £129.00 to £149.00 and I’d happily wear them all! Although I think the blue and coral dresses are my real favourites.  They look stunning up close. How happy am I that my favourite shades of blue will feature in Spring Summer 2015.

I don’t get the opportunity to wear beautiful evening dresses these days – sobs! But I saw a couple of stunning examples from the Lorcan Mullany collection for Spring/Summer 2015. How stunning are these dresses?

Jacques Vert Group SS15 preview

Next up was a special delight and a surprise.  A chance to meet Dame Zandra Rhodes who has collaborated with Colebrooke by Windsmoor for their Spring/Summer collection.  It was so wonderful to see Rhodes and her wonderfully striking range of Kaftans with matching scarves.  Jacques Vert Group SS15 preview
I know you are all expecting me to claim the blue design as my favourite, but no, I have to say that I totally fell in love with the fuschia and black design on the right hand side.  That kaftan has my name on it.  The range will be available in small, medium, large and extra-large and will retail from £89.00 to £199.00.

Other highlights in the Jacques Vert Group SS15 Preview for me included this dress from Planet.

Jacques Vert Group SS15 preview

With a range of dresses and coordinating separates I love the Planet brand.  I spotted a wonderful tailored jacket – it’s shown below in Orange, but the Peacock Blue version had my name written all over it – I know, I’m mostly predictable!


Jacques Vert Group SS15 preview

Lastly I came to the range from Dash – not a brand I’ve come across before, but that’s my mistake.  Dash offer a range of high quality casual wear – great for holidays and leisure time at home.  I was advised that the jeans are well known for actually fitting!  I don’t know about you, but I often struggle with jeans – I have a small waist that just doesn’t go with my hips – often resulting in gaping waistbands, so I look forward to trying this range out.  In a range of colours, stripes and patterns, I was quite taken with the tops on offer in this range.  I didn’t take a photo but there was a great geometric patterned top with matching scarf in blues and purples – I will be looking for that in the shops come next Spring.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time at the Jacques Vert Group SS15 Preview.  My eyes were opened to brands I might not have taken the time to look at, I continued my love for brands I know and found a new brand too.  I look forward to shopping next Spring!

disclaimer:  My travel costs were covered for this event, and I received a goodie bag and flowers in exchange for an honest review.


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