Janod Magnetibook – a review #ToadTest

Janod Magnetibook – a review #ToadTest

There’s nothing I like more than receiving a surprise package, especially when it’s come from The Toadstool.  It means that there is a quality toy or game hiding inside.  We have received the Janod Magneticbook Boy’s outfits set.

Janod Magnetibook

We’re big fans of Janod products.  I bought Monkey the Janod Magnetic Aeroplane and Rocket when he was small, they are wooden, beautifully made and 3 years down the line they still look great.  Janod product items that are long-lasting and much loved.

Janod Magnetibook

I wasn’t totally sure what Monkey would make of the Janod Magnetibook to be totally honest.  I knew the quality would be excellent, but would he engage with it?  Time would tell.

Janod Magnetibook

The Janod Magnetibook is a hard backed hinged case containing 8 costume cards and 32 magnetic pieces, designed to look like a book.

Janod Magnetibook

We had received the set containing Boys outfits but you can also get a Girls outfit set, Vehicles, Numbers and Letters sets.

First impressions – you could store the Janod Magnetibook on your child’s bookcase, the case is hard-wearing and the set would make a great travel companion.

Monkey liked this set as soon as he set eyes on it.  I was worried that he might get bored with it quite quickly.  Not the case at all.  He has played with it, made up the various characters, mixed and matched for a bit of fun, put it away, and then picked it up again and again over the weeks that we’ve had the set.  That speaks volumes to me.  There’s nothing worse than a five-minute wonder.  This really isn’t.

Janod Magnetibook

It took us me a few minutes to realise that the costume cards were held in place with two blue magnets, once Monkey (yes, he is far clever than his mother) figured that out, he was off.

The Janod Magnetibook is aimed at children between the ages of 3-8 years. It’s been a really big hit here.  The case is sturdy enough that it can sit on a child’s lap in a car or on an aeroplane and keep them amused on a journey. Perfect with the holiday season fast approaching.  When play time is over, all the play pieces and cards fit neatly in internal compartments, shut the lid and pack away.

photo (8)

Priced at Ā£16.50 this sets gets a really big thumbs up from us.  Not only is it a game, but Monkey has created little stories based on the different characters.  We’ve talked about what a Cowboy wears, why an astronaut wears a helmet and so on.

My only suggestion, which I’ve already mentioned to Janod themselves on Instagram – make add-on sets with more outfits!  Monkey would like a Policeman and I’d like a Racing Driver please.

disclaimer:  we were sent this set as part of the #ToadTest team in exchange for an honest review.


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8 thoughts on “Janod Magnetibook – a review #ToadTest

  1. Oh this looks great. Miss C has something similar but made from felt so the bits are always falling off lol. Love how everything can be stored inside the book too.

  2. I love this toy, Ez is a fan of magnetic games and this is right up his street, I’ve added it to his wishlist, thanks šŸ™‚

  3. I absolutely love this idea – Janod are great toys and the magnetic element means that you can play anywhere! x

  4. This looks brilliant, a really well made set. I love all the different costumes and magnetic seems like a good idea – love the great storage case too, a lot of these sort of things come with poor storage. It’s good to know all the pieces are safely stored away!

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