Jungle Dogs – healthy hotdogs

As you know I like introducing my Monkey, heading swiftly to 4 years, to new foods, tastes and textures, so when we were asked to be part of a product launch held at Longleat (see separate post soon) last week we jumped at the chance.  The product in question being Jungle Dogs – healthy hotdogs aimed at children.

Jungle Dogs - healthy hotdogs
www.over40andamumtoone.com Jungle Dogs – healthy hotdogs

Jungle Dogs were launched in Tesco’s earlier this month, and this was going to be Monkey’s first taste experience.  Would he like them?  We joined some other bloggers and their families including ChelseaMamma, The Boy and Me, Charlie Moo’s and Stars & Roses and made our way into the jungle, walking in the jungle, what would we see? …..

Jungle Dogs - healthy hotdogs
Walking in the Jungle

The children of varying ages were made to feel very welcome in our jungle themed marquee, and Monkey was eager to see what Jungle Dogs had in store for us.

I was eager to see what Monkey and the other children thought to these pork hotdogs (if I’m totally honest, I also wanted to try them out myself).  I like the fact that they contain quality cuts of pork, 85% of the hotdog being that meat, no artificial colours and flavouring and no MRM (mechanically recovered meat). The hotdogs are supplied in packs of 6x30g Jungle Dogs, ready cooked and just need popping in your fridge until you use them.  They are actually split in to 2 vacuum sealed units of 3 Jungle Dogs, which I’ve found really useful at home, as I can cut the pack in two, and use one section for a Monkey sized mealtime.

Anyway, the proof of this product was certainly going to be in the tasting, and how apt for a Monkey to put the Jungle Dogs to the taste test – would they pass the challenge?  We were dished up the Jungle Dogs in various, quick and easy combinations, as well as straight from the pack.

As you can see in the photos above we were given lots of ideas for quick and easy cold meal ideas (there was no cooking facility available on the day hence no hot selection).  We were also given some recipe cards giving us plenty more food for thought, excuse the pun!

I was really impressed with how much Monkey liked the Jungle Dogs, the only thing he wasn’t keen on was the fresh basil leaves in the wraps – he thought they were lettuce! The hotdogs were tasty, not greasy and not stodgy in any way.

Since we’ve been home I needed a really quick dinner option for him one evening – sliced Jungle Dogs and scrambled egg – it went down well.

Jungle Dogs - healthy hotdogs
www.over40andamumtoone.com Jungle Dogs and scrambled egg

We also got to meet Tina O’Brien, previously from Corrie and Strictly, who has been cooking in the kitchen with her kids using Jungle Dogs.  If you visit the Jungle Dogs Facebook page you’ll find recipe ideas, games, stories and more nutritional information, and over the next few months you can watch Tina prepare each of the Jungle Dogs recipes.

Jungle Dogs are available from larger Tesco stores and are priced at £1.20 per pack.

disclaimer: we attended this event for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain my own, honest opinions


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  1. My mother in law looks after my nephews a lot they eat nothing so she was mighty impressed with Monkey’s appetite!

    1. So was I! I was rather worried in case he refused to try anything – you know how embarrassing kids can be – but no, he’ll be remembered as the boy who ate his way out of the Jungle!!

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