Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus

Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus

Now that Monkey is really starting to show an interest in reading I thought it would be an ideal time to get him a Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus.  Miles Kelly have a lovely version, packed with useful information delivered in a clear and precise way for younger readers.

Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus

The dictionary part of this book contains lots of words that Monkey will be learning over the next few years , along with some words he already knows.  The words are spelt out obviously, along with their meaning and a sentence where the word is included.  We’ve started to pick a letter and then read through 5 different words.  For us, it would be great if there was a phonetic break down on the word too, but as a first dictionary it works well. Each letter is colour coded so you can find your way around both the dictionary (front of book) and thesaurus (back of book) easily.

At the front of both sections are guides explaining how to use the Dictionary and Thesaurus sections.  This Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus is certainly much more fun to use than the heavyweight ones I had as a child.

Monkey is showing far more enthusiasm with his writing these days so we are working on building sentence structure and the Thesaurus will be a great tool to help him be more creative and expressive with his writing. He’s been fascinated when we’ve started to look at words and all the different words you can use instead.  We pick a word and count the number of alternatives and then I tell him all about each option.  We talk about different sentences we could use and make up stories. There’s information on opposites and common phrases that are used in day-to-day language to describe something, such as ‘to cut a long story short’.

The Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus will be a great tool over the next few years and I’m glad we’ve started using it now at the start of Monkey’s reading and writing journey.  He still wants to know how a book can be related to a dinosaur, but I’m not quite sure he’s reading for Latin lessons just yet!

Priced at £12.99 Miles Kelly currently have this edition on special offer for £9.74 on their website.  It’s definitely worth looking around their collections as they have some wonderful reference books as well as fictional tales.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review



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