Keeping cool with FanU

Keeping cool with FanU #FanUfans – review and giveaway

There’s no denying it, I am no longer 25, my brain may keep telling me that I am, but my body knows otherwise.  I turned 50 earlier this month and I’m convinced that I’ve been perimenopausal for some time now.   I had a blood test done a few years ago, the results came back negative, but my diary tells a different story.  Whilst yes, I may still be having regular periods, I also have very regular symptoms that I never used to get.  I feel like I’m on a total rollercoaster emotionally at certain points within the month, at exactly the same time every single month.  It’s not like PMT, it’s so much more than that.  Along with that joy I’ve also started to experience hot flushes, sometimes during the day, often at night.  But I’ve found something that’s hopefully going to help and I shall be keeping cool with FanU from now on.

Keeping cool with FanU

The idea of keeping cool with FanU was originally developed into the product it is today when the designed saw her daughter suffering with hot flushes whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.  Her daughter was struggling and really needed something portable and lightweight to keep her cool. It soon became clear that the FanU could help people going through the menopause and other hormonal changes too.

The FanU is a mini air-conditioning unit, available in white or pink and comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, USB cable and lanyard. Keeping cool with FanU

It weighs 95g, so it’s really lightweight and is easy to wear, hold and have in your bag or by the bed.

There’s a flick switch on the side of the unit to turn it on and off and outlet vents at the top of the unit.

In fact I’m going to take it to Portugal with me next month to see what my Mum thinks.  Where she lives in Spain it’s often over 40 degrees in the summer months, so she might find this ideal to keep her cool when she’s on the go.

I’ve been keeping cool with FanU recently with temperatures ranging from 10-41 (I kid you not, my Oxfordshire garden was hotter than Dubai at one point last week) degrees and it’s really worked well in all conditions and has certainly helped when I’ve had hot flushes at night.

Whether I’ve hand-held it

Keeping cool with FanU

Or had it tucked into my top

Keeping cool with FanU

I’ve been keeping cool with FanU.

It’s worth noting that instructions don’t come with the product, but the battery is supplied in situ and charged so you are ready to go straight away. I do wish there was some battery life indicator included on the FanU but I have been advised that when the battery is fully charged it will run constantly for 2 and half hours and that a fully battery recharge takes 2 hours.

All in all for £9.99 +P&P I think this is a rather handy item and I’ll certainly be making good use of it in the months to come.  Also, for every FanU sold the company will be supporting Breast Cancer Now.  For more information about the FanU and to order the FanU in either white or pink, pop over to their website.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’m pleased to be able to offer one lucky ready the chance to win a FanU in pink worth £9.99.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

Keeping cool with FanU

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FanU in Pink worth £9.99

113 thoughts on “Keeping cool with FanU #FanUfans – review and giveaway

  1. When the temperature is over 25 degrees outside to cool me down especially as I walk a all. It will stop me sweating a lot.

  2. I would most definitely use it when I’m out and about during the summer, must admit the heat of the summer months doesn’t agree with me so should I be lucky enough to win this fab gadget, I’d be so happy to use it!

  3. I’m living with those awful hot flushes so I would use this fan regularly throughout the day – usually when I least expect it!

  4. Probably our eldest who doesn’t enjoy too much heat. It’s a great little gadget. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  5. I will most likely be using Fanu when the heat is too much and don’t have access to anything else to keep coolGood luck to us all in trying to stay cool in this weather

  6. I’ll be using it on planes – I always seem to feel hot when nobody else does, so my own personal bit of cool space will be most welcome

  7. During summer when I’m Out and about with the kids, on holiday and on a night time when I’m reading a book in bed I hate been too hot it would come in very handy.

  8. Probably mostly in the summer but I do get really hot all year around because of the medication I take so I’d get a lot of use out of it.

  9. I’d use it most in the summer or when I’m in the kitchen cooking, I’m definitely going through the change and having terrible hot flushes!

  10. at work as i have to sort things in a small room that is starting to get a bit hot and its not even summer yet

  11. I think I’d use it most when out and about as I overheat a lot in the summer and don’t have an easy way to cook off!

  12. This looks so useful. I will be fasting soon during summer this would be ideal for when I am walking to and from work and when cooking our big Ramadan meals.

  13. Always worried about getting too hot when I’m out and about – I have M.E and can soon feel ill – would be perfect to take with me x

  14. i would use it at work, i work as a nurse and our treatment suite gets so hot and we are only alowed windows open very slightly, over the weekend the treatment room was 27.5 degrees

  15. At work, at home, when I’m walking the dog…….. I have a real problem with the heat and my medication makes me sweaty, so I need one all the time.

  16. Definitely if the weather gets hotter than 23°in the garden or anywhere I can’t stand heat I have red hair and fair skin so it doesn’t do for me

  17. Travelling abroad and also on hot days in the shop where I work as we have a lot of steps to run up and down getting items for customers!

  18. Ive hit the age of hot flushes so i would be using this pretty much on and off all the time

  19. When the temperature gets a bit high, my son complains, so I think I’d let him use it so he can cool down!

  20. I’m currently going through chemotherapy treatment and get hot flushes so this would be absolutely perfect

  21. I’d use it the most in bed, when my temperature control goes out of the window and I get hot flushes! Not menopausal but just as inconvenient lol

  22. I’m losing the plot – I could have sworn I put why! Because when I’m in bed I can’t get out easily (disability) and so it’s impossible to cool down

  23. I would use this during the hot days, when I’m out in the garden with the bunnies, out shopping or even if I start to overheat during our walks.

  24. I think i would use this when i’m at the beach with my family especially on very warm days where their is no wind.

  25. I would use it on my son as he has epilepsy and the heat causes him to have seizures

  26. I’ve always got very red very quickly and now I’m getting hot flushes I permanently look like a tomato!

  27. I suffer terribly from the dreaded hot flushes and being fair skinned i am not very good in hot weather either so hopefully a FanU would give me some comfort and respite.

  28. I suffer terribly from the dreaded hot flushes and also being fair skinned i don’t cope well in the very hot weather so i’m hoping that the FanU would give me some relief and respite from the heat and flushes

  29. I would use mine when the sun is really shining and I’m trying to get a bit of colour on my pasty white skin! I would also use it in the bedroom when the husband makes the big fan focus on him whilst I sit there melting!

  30. In bed…although I think there may be a fight over it with my 8 year old Hallie-Anne as during the warmer months our bedrooms are like greenhouses!!!

  31. I would be using it in the summer to help me sleep at night. The bedroom gets really warm and I find it impossible to sleep with the heat. This would be great.

  32. I really struggle with the heat and am also just entering the menopause so this would be doubly useful

  33. I have Multiple Sclerosis and the heat can make things worse for me. During hot weather I am pretty confined to my house, sitting under fans all day. This could possibly give me the freedom to move about a bit!!

  34. I think it’d help me with my anxiety. As I often get hot during an attack. This would cool me down

  35. my wife has fibromyalgia so this this would be a great help for her with the heat

  36. I would definitely use it on a daily basis as my hot flush sweats are getting embarrassing I was asked in a shop the other day if it was raining outside cos my hair was soaked and it was bright and sunny I would have it on me all the time.

  37. I think it’d be really handy out and about on holiday! Walking around towns is such a fun activity abroad but can be so draining when it’s really hot, so this little fan would be amazing!

  38. This looks really good! It would be great for me in the summer but It would be most useful for my Mum as shes going through alot of hot flushes at the moment! 🙁

  39. When I’m out and about in the summer. I can’t stand the hot weather! I think I must be one of the only people that like it when I have to put a jumper on

  40. Whenever we have a ‘heat wave’ to keep me cool in the car as no air conditioning

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