Keeping safe with a Carbon Monoxide detector

Yes, I put my hands up, I am one of the many people who keep meaning to buy a Carbon Monoxide detector.  Have you got one?  We all take standard smoke detectors for granted these day, but not so with CO alarms, which is madness as the gas is just as deadly as fire.  So I’ve slapped my wrist and we will now be keeping safe with a Carbon Monoxide detector.

Keeping safe with a Carbon Monoxide detector

We have a gas boiler in our kitchen to control our hot water and heating, it’s 20+ years old and we really should have fitted a Carbon Monoxide alarm years ago.

Keeping safe with a Carbon Monoxide detector

CORGI HomePlan are running a campaign at the moment to raise awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning and hopefully to help encourage more families to keep safe with a Carbon Monoxide detector this year.

Every year in the UK, more than 200 people go to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, and around 40 people die.

Are they easy to fit?  Yes!  They really are.  The alarm we received was already fitted with a battery which will last 7 years.  You then replace the whole unit.

Keeping safe with a Carbon Monoxide detector

Our Carbon Monoxide alarm came with a wall mounting bracket and fixing as well as easy to follow installation instructions.  I fitted the unit myself as soon as it arrived.  I was determined that now I will be keeping safe with a Carbon Monoxide detector!

Keeping safe with a Carbon Monoxide detector

The alarm can be tested in the same way as a smoke detector, and sounds as loud. Once every minute the green power LED flashes so you know the unit is working properly.  It’s reassuring to know that should our boiler become faulty, we will quickly be alarmed and protected from deadly CO gas.  It only takes a couple of minutes to install and at this time of year, when we all have our boilers working flat-out to keep us and our homes warm, it’s the perfect time to get one fitted.

To find out more about the CORGI HomePlan campaign, and to learn about the dangers that gas appliances can cause in the home, it’s well worth checking their information. Keeping our families safe from Carbon Monoxide poisoning really is vitally important.

Have you got an alarm fitted? I’ve attached an Amazon Affiliate link in case you need to buy one to protect your family.

disclaimer:  we were sent this alarm to help raise awareness of this campaign.  out thoughts remain our own, honest opinions

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