Kid-Eco Rocket

Kid-Eco Rocket

I have to hold my hands up, I’m not the most creative of parents.  I’d love to be able to look at a cardboard box and have those lightbulb moments that turn it into all manner of wonderful things for Monkey to play with.  It hasn’t happened in 5 years!  But never fear, there is a company who can help those of us with the lack of inspiration.  Let me introduce to Monkey’s new play space – the Kid-Eco Rocket.

Kid-Eco Rocket

Kid-Eco supply a whole range of play sets and furniture made from cardboard!  Monkey loves the idea of zooming into space so I knew he’d love the Kid-Eco Rocket.  We received the white version, but it’s also available in brown, pink and silver-grey.

The sets come flat packed with instructions in packaging that is easy to keep if you need to store your set.

Kid-Eco Rocket

I did wonder if I could manage the assembly by myself, but the instructions are easy to follow and I went from this photo above to the finished Rocket in less than 15 minutes.

The cardboard is thick, so won’t get destroyed too easily but eager astronauts. One thing to be aware of with the Kid-Eco Rocket, is the size.  When its made up it’s 90 x 900 x 162cms.

On a lovely sunny day we’ve kept our rocket in the garden.  But obviously when the weather isn’t being so kind, we’ve needed to bring it inside.  We live in a modern 3 bedroom box of a house.  We have had the rocket in the living room and in Monkey’s bedroom, but really it’s too large to stay up indoors permanently here.  If we had a playroom then its wouldn’t be so much of an issue.  I was very relieved when it was as easy to take down as it was to assemble and I could store it in the box it came in, in our garage. I’m hoping that we will get a decent summer and the Kid-Eco Rocket will be a play feature in the garden all the time.  I’m sure it will come back inside from time to time too.

So what did Monkey think to his new space themed play set?  He loved it from the moment he set eyes on it!  Instant hit.  He loved the portholes, the two doors that he could crawl in and out of, the cut-out planets and sun on the sides and even the fins were much talked about.  It’s fair to say that my budding astronaut has been to the Milky Way and beyond in his space craft.  He just loves it.

Then I told him he could decorate it.  Now I was thinking, we’d have the Kid-Eco Rocket outside and I’d get the paints out.  But no, Monkey grabbed stickers, pens and pencils and set to work.  I had a vision of what the finished article would look like, Monkey had different ideas and I had to refrain from butting in.  It was hard, I like pretty, he doesn’t!  I had to accept that this is his rocket and what he likes goes.

I consoled myself by knowing that if he fancies changing his artwork in the future we can paint over it and start again!

It’s a wonderful play set, I know he’s going to get hours worth of pleasure out of it and it’s going to last.  The Kid-Eco Rocket is priced from £23.95-£40.99 depending on the colour.

There are a whole range of options available on the Kid-Eco website, and our friends at Chez Maximka have been having great fun with a Castle recently too.

disclaimer:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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