Kid's Concept UK Play Tent

Kid’s Concept UK Play Tent

As regular readers know I love all things Scandinavian so it was no surprise that I would love the ranges from Kid’s Concept UK which are all designed in Sweden. They have a whole host of products from bedding for cribs and cot beds, cute baby slippers, storage solutions and even some lovely rugs – I quite fancy the racing car one for Monkey!  When I let Monkey look through the website he was drawn to the Kid’s Concept UK Play Tent and decided he’d like the Star Blue Play Tent.

I was secretly quite pleased with his choice, he has a play tent which he adores, but it’s looking very tired and is really too small for him now.  Fingers crossed his Kid’s Concept UK Play Tent would be a great replacement!

The first thing to note when it arrived was the handy storage!  His old tent has to live in the garage, it holds but doesn’t collapse.  The Kid’s Concept UK Play Tent was getting my vote already.

Kid's Concept Play Tent

Along with the carry case, there is the tent itself, positioning rods and instructions.

Kid's Concept Play Tent

Cue panic from me! With an expectant Monkey looking on, could I erect a tent for the first time in my life, ok, I know it’s only a play tent, but the pressure was on.  Thankfully the instructions were really clear and actually Monkey’s new play tent went from this to this ….

Kid's Concept Play Tent

The rods are really to fit and are help in place with pockets and velcro straps.  This tent is not for falling down!  Another tick, this time from both of us.  Mummy, it’s got windows!

Kid's Concept Play Tent

There are also 3 velcro pads so you can shut the door (AKA drawbridge apparently) and you can roll it up and secure with cords.

Kid's Concept Play Tent

The Kid’s Concept UK Play Tent is certainly big enough for a 5 year old Monkey to get lots of pleasure from.  With a diameter of 100cms and height of 130cms, he can even invite a friendly Knight round for a medieval lunch banquet during the holidays.

For the most part we will use this tent in the garden for lots of imaginative play but I have a feeling it might visit Monkey’s bedroom from time to time too.  His verdict – I love it Mummy!  He’s even decided that you are only allowed in if you take your shoes off!

Kid's Concept Play Tent Kid's Concept Play Tent

Priced at £32.90 I’m really pleased with the Kid’s Concept UK Play Tent, the quality is excellent and it’s already been played with a lot.  There are 7 different colour/theme options in the range and we give it the big thumbs up here.

Now I know what you’re all thinking – she got it up, but I bet she can’t get it down and put it away in that case again.  Well, I’ll have you know that’s exactly what I did, admittedly, I was quite pleased there were instructions for this too, but I did it.  The tent has been up and down a few times over the last couple of weeks and I’ve now got it off to a fine art.  But don’t expect me to be upgrading to a full size tent anytime soon!

So whether you are looking for baby and children gift ideas, something for their bedroom or for a beautiful rocking horse, it’s worth checking what Kid’s Concept UK have to offer.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review



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  1. Looks like a really nice tent, and better than the pop up ones. More rigid for older children.

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