King Midas

King Midas

You may recall my first Silver Penny Stories review from last week.  Well today I’m sharing our second book in the series, the classic tale of King Midas.

King Midas

This lovely hardback book is part of a series of early reader stories, offering youngsters a first glimpse at classic tales.  In fact, tales that I remember from my own childhood; they have a lesson to learn too.

The books feature one page with a small amount of text followed by an illustration page, making them manageable for children learning to read.

King Midas

There are a lot of quite complex words within the stories, but Monkey points out words that he knows as we read, and he’s enjoying the whole experience.

I love stories from Ancient Greece so King Midas has long been a favourite of mine.  Be careful what you wish for and think before you speak are great lessons for any early reader to learn.

We follow the story of King Midas who is granted a wish by the Greek God Dionysus. Without thinking of the consequences the King wishes that everything he touch should turn to gold.  Sounds great doesn’t it, but of course in reality it means that the King can’t eat or drink anything, he turns everyone he loves into gold and people stay away from him.

He regrets his request but can it be reversed?

For £3.50 King Midas represents good value for money and I’m sure it will be well read here over the next few years.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review


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