K’Nex Electric Inferno Roller Coaster 17040

K’Nex Electric Inferno Roller Coaster 17040

Monkey first discovered K’Nex a few years ago when we were visiting family friends for the weekend. They’d got their kids old set out, and Monkey was in heaven.  Even though, at that time he was too young for a lot of the construction, he loved the idea of the connecting pieces.  Since then we’ve built up a little collection of the more basic sets and his love has grown.  He went on his first roller coaster rides earlier this year, so imagine his delight when the K’Nex Electric Inferno Roller Coaster 17040 set arrived a few weeks ago.

K'Nex Electric Inferno Roller Coaster 17040

The K’Nex Electric Inferno Roller Coaster 17040 set is aimed at children aged 9 years and over, and requires 2 x AA batteries to power the motor.  It’s a 639 piece build, using both stand and narrow gauge K’Nex components, and would provide us with our first track style layout.

All K’Nex sets come with comprehensive, step by step instructions and build tips.  Each step also advises exactly which parts are required and the quantity per piece.  Whilst the K’Nex Electric Inferno Roller Coaster 17040 build was a little too complex for Monkey to build by himself, on the trickier parts, he could at least identify the parts required.

K'Nex Electric Inferno Roller Coaster 17040

This is not a 5 minute build, and it does require space.  The finished roller coaster stands at 82cms tall, with over 4 metres of track.  It’s a bit of a beast, but Monkey and I were up for the challenge and we set to work. The set took us 2 hours to complete, but I can imagine it taking longer if we’d not been used to building with the K’Nex components.

The various components click together in a number of different ways as you can see above, there are also adaptor style connectors to fit the standard and narrow gauge parts together.  Spacers and stoppers are also used as the build progresses.

We have another motorised set, and Monkey always loves to see where it will fit within a build.  This type of set is great for teaching children about cog mechanisms and how motors work to turn machinery.  Problem solving skills are required, along with observational skills, hand eye coordination and spacial awareness.  We really are big fans of K’Nex and the K’Nex Electric Inferno Roller Coaster 17040 set really tested Monkey as he helped to construct the set.

The tower element uses flexible rods as part of its construction and adds a different dimension to the build.

K'Nex Electric Inferno Roller Coaster 17040

We were both looking forward to putting the track together.  The instructions show clearly how to connect each element of the track and where to connect to the main body of the build.

We added the roller coaster car before we completed the track and once all the track is in place you can push it around the track, just to be sure your construction is correct.  The for the final part, putting the chain together and fitting it to the roller coaster to mechanise the movement.

Mounting the chain is a little tricky, but once in place, it’s just a case of switching the motor on and pushing the roller coaster car up to the bottom of the tower, the chain then winches it up and releases it at the top, and the rest is a science lesson in gravity and inertia.

The K’Nex Electric Inferno Roller Coaster 17040 is a great set, and one that’s tested us both as we’ve constructed it. It’s been played with a lot over the last few weeks, and when it’s taken apart, the pieces all fit nicely back in the box with plenty of room to spare.

Priced at just under £40, this is a complex set, it tests builders over 9 and is a good family build, for those like Monkey who are a couple of years younger.  We give it a big thrill seeker thumbs up here.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link for your information below.

Next week I’ll be sharing our thoughts on Monkey’s all time favourite K’Nex set – the 3-in-1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set 17035.

disclosure:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review


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