K'Nex Web Weaver Coaster

K’nex Web Weaver Coaster

It’s no secret that we are a family of K’nex fans here.  We discovered the construction toy when my son was really quite small, and over the last few years it’s become a firm favourite in this household as we’ve gone on to more elaborate builds.  Over the last few weeks we’ve been kept entertained by the K’nex Web Weaver Coaster set.

K'Nex Web Weaver Coaster

The K’nex Web Weaver Coaster is designed for ages 9-14 is a 439 piece build, it also features glow in the dark track and a new air powered coaster car.

K'Nex Web Weaver Coaster

The set comes with 29 glow in the dark track elements, 408 K’nex rods and connectors, air powered coaster car and charging lead along with stickers and coaster boards, as well as an instruction booklet.

The air powered coaster car element would be new for us and we were both eager to try it out.  The LiPo battery needs to be fully charged before using so we decided to put it on charge whilst we started the build.  The instructions are easy to follow and I just connected the USB charger to the laptop as we worked.

Whilst the guide age for this item starts at 9 years of age, my nearly 8 year old has been building with K’nex for a couple of years.  He was more than capable of following the colour coded step by step instructions with a little help from me.

K’nex builds can be quite intricate and although generally clear, sometimes the drawings don’t always show the connections clearly enough.  But with experience we’ve come to understand the construction process well and can normally figure things out without too much disruption to the build.

The Tower construction took over an hour to put together and stands at 83cms once completed.

K'Nex Web Weaver Coaster

At this point you add-on the tower board detail panels.  There are three paper panels with loops that you fit connector rods through before attaching to the tower.  My one criticism of the K’nex Web Weaver Coaster is that these panels are made out of flimsy paper and we’d broken one of the loops before we’d even assembled it.  I don’t see these panels lasting well with repeat builds.  A plastic coated paper panel would be a better solution to my mind.

I certainly had one excited assistant by the time we’d finished this element of the K’nex Web Weaver Coaster.

K'Nex Web Weaver Coaster

The next part of the build sees the addition of the glow in the dark roller coaster track.  Again, following the instructions, this is easy to put together.  After my son added the glow in the dark stickers to the coaster car  we decided to add it the build half way through, just to make sure our track was running smoothly.

The K’nex Web Weaver Coaster can actually run standing up or on its side for added fun.

K'Nex Web Weaver Coaster

Once completed, there’s a little switch on the side of the air coaster car, switch it on and watch it whizz round the tracks. It goes so much faster than our previous K’nex Rollercoasters, but is also noisier and there’s no volume control.  But my son loves it.  There is a little art to catching the coaster so you can turn it off, but all in all this has been a massive hit here.  The glow in the dark track is visible with the lights off but it doesn’t show up well enough with my camera.

Here you can see the K’nex Web Weaver Coaster in action:

Priced at £69.99 I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference, it’s currently on offer there for £44.99. We all give this set a big thumbs up.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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