Koalapak – arts and craft delivery packs

Koalapak – arts and craft delivery packs

I’m always looking for ideas to entertain and amuse Monkey at the weekends if we’re not off having an adventure and we were recently sent a great set of activities from Koalapak.


Koalapak offer a range of arts and craft packs which are delivered to your door every month.  You can choose from a set containing one-four different projects, costing from £3.95-£16.95 per month.  The sets are aimed at children in Key Stage 1 and 2 and we found them perfect for a 5 year old Monkey to complete, with minimal assistance.

What’s in it Mummy?


Our pack contained a number of different crafts, all centred around birds, which was great as Monkey and I both love feeding our birds.  Each pack comes addressed to the recipient, Monkey always loves receiving things addressed to him.


We were having a quiet day at home last Saturday after a busy week at school and it was the perfect time to try out some of the activities from Koalapak.  Monkey was eager to get to work, and it was great for me that everything we needed was included.  I was also impressed with the quality of the various items and the quantity.  We had more than enough glue and paints and they came in resealable pots. Result.

He was off!

He had a wonderful time, painting and decorating his bird box and polystyrene birds and eggs.  Each instruction leaflet gives an indication of the time required to complete the activity, items required (all supplied) and level of difficulty and whether an adult might be required to assist.  There is also information on what children are actually learning or skills they are developing through the activity.

We tackled the bird feeder together and made a much better job of this one than we have in the past.  There were lots of extra lolly sticks included in the pack so we may well make another feeder or use them for other craft ideas.

Surprisingly the bird mask was the biggest hit of the day.  Not one for normally wanting to wear masks, I thought this activity would either be left, or wouldn’t be worn.  What do I know!

The mask has been a massive hit and the beak idea is brilliant, simply but effective and I have one very happy little boy.

We also received a fact sheet about birds to broaden Monkey’s knowledge.  All in all, I’ve been really impressed with this set, as I’ve already mentioned, the quality is excellent.

You can also arrange for a set to be sent to someone as a gift which I think would work really well. For more information pop over to the Koalapak website.

disclaimer: we were sent this set in exchange for an honest review



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