Land of Clans

Land of Clans – AD sent for review and giveaway

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We’ve been looking at a couple of games from Tactic Games recently and today I’m sharing our thoughts on Land of Clans.  This board game is aimed at players aged eight years and over and can be played with two-four single players or you can work in teams of up to six people.

Land of Clans

The Land of Clans is set in the Scottish Highlands during the medieval period, and clan chiefs battle to outwit their opponents to build castles and claim land.  It’s a perfect game to make children think ahead and plan a strategy to conquer their enemies.

The game comes with a playing board, four coloured wooden castle playing pieces and fifteen matching tokens, one hundred and eight playing cards, nineteen Win tiles, nineteen castle tiles in various shapes, a cloth bag and instructions.

Land of Clans

The idea of the game is to collect the most points by building castles and attacking the castles of their opponents.  The battle ends when one clan chief is the first to collect four Win tiles, each player’s Win tile points are added up and the winner is the chief with the most points. Castles of different sizes are awarded a different number of points, so players need to build wisely.

Land of Clans

You set the game up with one Win tile in each of the four corners of the board and the remainder is placed inside the cloth bag. Each clan chief decides on their playing colour and selects the castles and tokens accordingly. Deal two Sorcerer cards for each player placed face up, and five other cards placed face down so only the clan chief can see the cards they’ve been dealt.

Land of Clans

Start the game of Land of Clans by looking at your cards and working out which of the Win tile shapes you can recreate with your cards. Each card shows a number or symbol which can be matched to a space on the board.  The clan chief decides which card he wants to play and places a token on the corresponding space on the board.  He then surrenders that card and picks a new one from the pack.

Land of Clans

Play then passes to the next chief and continues until one player has won enough land in the right shape as shown on one of the Win tiles.  They can then replace their tokens with a Castle tile of the relevant shape and place one of their castles on the tile.

Land of Clans


Land of Clans

The player then takes ownership of that Win tile and picks a new one from the bag and places that in the empty corner of the board.

As well as trying to claim your own land for castles, you can attack your opponents and try to claim their land. You claim spaces next to an opponent’s castle tile and then attack a castle by playing one or more cards from your hand. You need to ensure that the cards you pick to play show the attacker’s sword symbol.  You need to show a larger number of cards with swords on than your opponent has with shields showing. If the attack is successful, the castle’s ownership changes.

Land of Clans

Land of Clans

Land of Clans


As well as claiming the castle from your enemy, you also claim the relevant Win tile too.  Once a clan chief has claimed four Win tiles each chief adds up their points and the chief with the most points wins the game.

Land of Clans

We’ve not played with teams yet as there’s normally only my son and me around to play, but hopefully, once we are allowed to have friends around again then we can have some major battles with them.  My nearly eleven-year-old has grasped the gameplay well and I can see his play becoming more sophisticated as his strategic planning skills grow.  It’s certainly a game I can see us playing a lot in the years to come.

Land of Clans is available from a number of retailers including The Range., priced at £24.99.

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Land of Clans game worth £24.99

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