Le Toy Van Siege Tower – a review for The Toadstool

Le Toy Van Siege Tower – a review for The Toadstool


We are big fans of wooden toys here as regular readers will know well.  I love the feel of wooden toys and they last!  When Anya at The Toadstool asked me if we’d like to review something from their new ranges, I was very quick to have a good look at the new website! New brands include Sevi, Goki and Heimess, Le Toy Van and Double Flip and there are also range extensions for HABA, BRIO, Janod, Hape, Lilliputiens and Tidlo!  I opted for the Le Toy Van Siege Tower as we’ve owned the Le Toy Van Knight’s Castle Camelot for some time.

Le Toy Van Siege Tower

The Le Toy Van Siege Tower from The Toadstool needs a bit of assembly to get it ready for battle.  But it’s not hard work, you just need a cross head screwdriver and the instructions are easy to follow.  I put it together in a few minutes.

Le Toy Van Siege Tower

The Siege Tower comes complete with a ladder for the knights to climb, two wooden ball which can be launched from the catapult, a battering ram.  It can be easily moved on its wheels to get a better position for attack!

Le Toy Van Siege Tower

There’s even a drawbridge so knights can launch an attack on the ramparts.

Le Toy Van Siege Tower

The quality is just as I’ve come to expect from Le Toy Van – wooden products that look good and last.

Now over to Monkey to commence his battle plans!  To say he loves his new Siege tower would be an understatement.  It’s been difficult to photograph him in action as the fighting has been fierce!  Even the bulldozer was called in for reinforcements!

We’ve had to give Monkey some target practice as we nearly lost a glass vase when his catapult aim went a little further than expected! By turning the catapult back against the elastic you can get quite an impressive launch – so it’s worth keeping in mind when play commences.  The battering ram also works by fitting the elastic into the groove at the end of the ram pole, and pulling back and releasing (like you would with a bot and arrow). This has been a big hit in more ways than one.

Priced at £22.50 this is a great addition to our medieval play set, but would also offer great play potential as a stand alone item.  The Siege Tower doesn’t come with knights, we already have lots of plastic ones, but you can also buy the Le Toy Van Budkins Crusader Set from The Toadstool if needed.

Further add-ons include the Le Toy Van Trebuchet and the Le Toy Van Prisoner Cage. Both are available from The Toadstool along with two different Le Toy Van castles.

We love our Le Toy Siege Tower, it’s got lots of play potential and will be well-played with here.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review




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