LED Lighting – AD sent for review

LED Lighting – AD sent for review
disclaimer:  we were sent the bulbs mentioned for the purpose of review

We’re in the process of updating a number of areas in our house at the moment.  Daddy P bought this house off-plan over 20 years ago and when I moved in, the house was a shrine to all things 80’s including the light fixtures and fittings. I worked for an Emergency Lighting company many moons ago and am amazed by the changes to lighting over the years – from the old-fashioned ‘Edison’ style lightbulb of my youth to the LED Lighting of our outside lantern I reviewed recently.

We now have a new light in our hallway that uses the GU10 halogen bulbs.

LED Lighting

It took quite some time to persuade Daddy P that our lighting needing bringing into the 21st century, our house really was a Mecca to light shades in all their glory!  Then when I was finally given clearance to modernise, his first comment was – not halogen fittings – they cost a bomb (compared to the old-fashioned bulbs of yesteryear).  Well, I went ahead anyway, our hallway is quite dark so I wanted to brighten it up.

LED Lighting

I was really pleased with the effect, but as we’ve looked at modernising other lights I’ve realised that these Halogen lights

LED Lighting

are not offering us the energy-saving option that I can get with other fittings and different style bulbs.  I want to be more conscious of how to save money.  I wasn’t aware that there was a solution to my dilemma until recently.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting supplied by Lamp Shop Online!

They look a bit different from the Halogen Lights, and to be frank I wasn’t totally convinced on how they’d look once fitted, but I was pleasantly surprised.

LED Lighting

They look good, and when the fitting it turned on, the LED lighting provides a warm white light.

LED Lighting

Now for the really interesting part.  Each of these LED Lighting bulbs is 4.5W – equivalent to the 35W Halogen bulbs I’ve been using – so less wattage, but actually providing the same light.  Saving number one!  Not only that, but the LED Lighting bulbs provide on average 25,000 hours of lighting per bulb, against the average 1,500  hours provided by the halogen bulbs.  Saving number two. Lamp Shop Online currently have these particular bulbs on offer, so saving number three.

So now Daddy P is far happier with my lighting choice, which is just as well as I’ve bought a 3 point spotlight fitting to match this strip for our kitchen seating area!


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  1. It is totally new invention by LED. I haven’t seen anything like that before. I am impressed by this device and eager to use it.

  2. I’ve been replacing all the lighting in my entire house and garden with LED. It’s taken a couple of years but it’s amazing the difference it’s made. Cheap to run, never have to change bulbs, and I prefer the light.

  3. LED lights provides designing flexibility so we can get a wide range of LED lights designs in market either online or offline . Some people love to decorate homes or offices for them LED bulbs , Puck lights , lighting dimmer are great option .

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