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 LifeProofMy husband is a nightmare when it comes to phones and when he upgraded to an iPhone I was very worried that the phone would not last too long.  You then add a 4 year old Monkey into the equation and I became even more concerned!  Monkey loves it when I’ve downloaded a new app for him to play with and I’m always very wary of him damaging either mine or Daddy P’s phones.  Then along came LifeProof to keep us all safe.

LifeProof have commissioned a study into the use of technology by children:

Research into the smart phone and tablet habits of the youngest members of UK families has revealed that seven in ten parents feel their children are brighter because of early exposure to technology. While four in ten parents admit that they sometimes use their smart phone or tablet as a high-tech babysitter to keep their kids entertained, nine in ten also believe that using gadgets can be educational for their kids.

…  more than half of the 2,000 parents studied allow a child aged three years or younger to use their phone or tablet, with a third of parents remarking that their child is increasingly interested in using technology so they can ‘be like mum and dad’. And why play with your own toys when you can play with a smartphone or tablet? Nearly two-thirds of parents said their children would opt for technology over their usual toys if given the choice.

Inevitably though, the damage toll to gadgets across UK households is high with a fifth of parents having had a phone or tablet broken or screen cracked after handing it to their children. The average parent has spent £110 in the last year fixing gadgets, while two electrical devices have been broken by kids in the last 12 months alone. The most common cause of damage is items being dropped in the house, while spillages and gadgets being lost were also seen as everyday occurrences.

Now whilst we certainly don’t use our mobile phones as a baby sitting service, we can see the benefit of letting Monkey learn with some of the apps available.  Anything I can do to protect both of my accident men from damaging a phone has got to be worth investigating.

LifeProofLifeProof protective cases are really lightweight and slim, which pleased Daddy P as he carries his iPhone is his pocket for hours on end. We decided that his need for extra protection was actually greater than mine at the moment, so he’s been testing out the LifeProof.  He spends a lot of time at work, so there is always a great risk of him dropping it in the warehouse, or it getting mucky.  When he’s at home then the Monkey element adds to the danger!

Daddy P has been impressed that he can access all the functions he needs on his phone, but it still be totally encased.  Should he so choose, he can take photos underwater, and actually not worry if his phone joins him for bath time with Monkey. The LifeProof takes seconds to put together, once you’ve checked the case seal is watertight.

You clean your phone screen with the cloth provided, sit the phone front side down into the front of the case and snap the back in place.  Snap the charge port cover in place and screw in the headphone jack cover.  All done!

Not only is the LifeProof available for the various iPhone models but there are versions for other mobile devices and tablets too.   For further information and to explore the full range of LifeProof cases visit the website.



disclaimer:  we were sent this item for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own honest opinions

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  1. Having previously washed two of my H’s work phones at the same time (previously he was a design architect for a phone co.), I think I could actually do with this!! 😀

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