Lily's Driftwood Bay: Message in a Bottle DVD

Lily’s Driftwood Bay: Message in a Bottle DVD

Monkey’s really enjoyed watching Lily’s Driftwood Bay on Nick Jr so I thought the new Lily’s Driftwood Bay: Message in a Bottle DVD would probably be a hit.

Lily's Driftwood Bay: Message in a Bottle DVD

This new DVD from Abbey Home Media, features 10 episodes from the hit TV series and it certainly entertained Monkey on a few quiet home days during half term.  For those of you how haven’t come across Lily’s Driftwood Bay before, she’s a 6 year old who lives with her Dad in a beach hut.  She has a wonderful imagination and creates a group of friends from items she collects on the beach. Along with her best friend Gull, she goes beach combing each day, and uses the things she finds to create a new adventure.

The episodes featured are:

Message in a Bottle
Honking Haddock
Old Bertha
Stop That Pudding!
Puffin Muffins
Starfish in the Sky
Silly Seals
Harbour Cookies
Seaweed Pie
Runaway Stag!

Along with Lily and Gull we meet the other inhabitants of Driftwood Bay – Salty Dog the sailor, Nonna Dog the granny who runs Cockle Café and makes a mean Puffin Muffin, Hatsie Hen the train-driving hen, Bull who often causes chaos, Wee Rabbit the art lover and Lord Stag the deer with a taste for the high life.

Monkey’s favourite episode of the Lily’s Driftwood Bay: Message in a Bottle DVD is Old Bertha.  Lily finds a paintbrush on her latest beach combing trip.  She’s heard that Salty is planning to spruce up his old boat Bertha, so Lily decides that she’ll surprise him.  But it’s not quite the easy job she thought it would be.

Lily’s Driftwood Bay: Message in a Bottle DVD is a lovely DVD full of tales of friendship and fun, it’s a big hit in this household.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.  The DVD is currently priced at £7.00

disclaimer:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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Lily’s Driftwood Bay: Message in a Bottle DVD

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  1. We live right beside the beach so I am down there everyday with our dog – I love looking out to see and seeing the ships and boats pass by – I love being able to see right up and down the coastline and out to sea as it is all so vast!

  2. I love taking the kids for a day out, we have a few beaches near us, if we go to the pepper beach, we look for crabs and unusual shells and if we go to the sandy beach, we like to jump the waves and make sandcastles.

  3. I love seeing the kids enjoying themselves then taking them home and having them knocked out from all the fresh sea air

  4. I’ve always lived by the sea but rarely take advantage of it. When we do go to the beach I love the the sounds and smells that only come from being there, I find it very relaxing.

  5. I love the sounds and smells of the beach, I find it so relaxing! I could happily sit there, soaking up the sun and watching the waves lap for hours 🙂

  6. Dry weather, sunshine etc :- as allows time to be with family and friends. Can relax have an ice cream etc.

  7. I love how relaxed the beach makes me feel … hours of just playing with the kids rather than just supervising them is the best

  8. I love walking along the beach, looking out to sea at the wide expanse and listening to and watching the crashing waves against the shore. x

  9. we love collecting shells. we take them home and make paintings, glitter pictures, etc with them 🙂

  10. I love hearing the waves crash on the shore, and love watching my kids build sandcastles and try to bury each other

  11. I love being on the beach and the freedom it gives Best of all I love playing beach games such as Frisby or who can build the biggest sand castle it’s so much fun and always beats living in the city

  12. We go Tenerife there is a super wavy beach, jumping the waves, we don’t go in far you get thrown off your feet

  13. Love taking the children looking for rock pools or shell hunting, their excitement is what I love the most

  14. I love the fact that the kids can play with sand to their hearts content and it’s not getting spilled all over the house, well only from their shoes when we come home 🙂

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  17. I love exploring the Tide Pools. I like to get an early start and collect as many colorful shells as possible. Then create an outline of my favorite sea creature in the sand and fill in the space with shells.

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