Little Crackers Juice Drinks

Little Crackers Juice Drinks – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent these products for the purpose of review

I can remember as a child my Mum was always going on to me to drink more!  I wasn’t very keen on the Squash drinks that were available at the time, hated milk and only drank water when I was made to.  Now I look back and realise that my Mum must have been so worried about my fluid intake – or lack of it.  Luckily for me, my son is the polar opposite!  He happily drinks water and milk, insists on a freshly squeezed orange for juice at breakfast and loves the various fruit juices I’ve offered him.  I’ve just been introduced to Little Crackers Juice Drinks.  They appealed to me, as the flavours are a bit different from the norm.

Little Crackers Juice Drinks Little Crackers Juice Drinks

Created by the award winning Cracker Drinks Co, Little Crackers is the new fruit juice drinks range with no added sugar or sweeteners and each carton of this juice drink counts as part of kids’ five a day with 75% pure juice and a splash of water, providing a high fruit content of 75%.

To make drink time a little more fun Little Crackers have introduced a new character range called ‘Fruitheads’.  First up Blackcurrant & Cherry – introducing Billy Blackcurrant and Cheeky Cherry.

sweet and tangy flavours that come together to create an explosion on your tongue!

Followed by Pear & Vanilla with Sweet Vicky Vanilla and Juicy Peter Pear.

…. create a delightful pairing, with a flavour that is perfectly balanced and is guaranteed to quench your thirst after a long day playing with friends.

The Little Crackers Juice Drinks are available in packs of 3x200ml cartons and come with straws.  You can now find them in Sainsbury’s priced at £1.49.  They’ll definitely be making their way into our picnic lunchbox from now on.

So what was the verdict from my chief taste tester?

Well, he has enjoyed both flavours of Little Crackers Juice Drinks – in his words – ‘like that Mummy!’


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