LOGO Billionaire

LOGO Billionaire – review and giveaway

Every month I have the girls over for a curry night, a chance for us to catch up without the kids.  A while ago I added something new to a curry night – some board game action.  It would appear that our friend A is rather hot when it comes to these games and has beaten us all on a number of occasions.  Would our luck chance as we played LOGO Billionaire recently?

LOGO Billionaire

LOGO Billionaire is another great board game from Drumond Park, aimed at those aged 8 years and over, which can be played with 2-6 players.

LOGO Billionaire

The game comprises a game board and spinner, 6 play pieces, 96 brand cards, 24 Newsflash cards, 27 Risky Business cards, 102 bank notes of various denominations, 6 Takeover tokens, 6 Owner Certificates and a set of instructions.

5 of us were gathered for our monthly get together and there was some serious competition afoot.  Who could challenge A, could someone steal her winners crown?

We set the board up and read the instructions.  There are two ways to play LOGO Billionaire – with the Executive rules or with the Apprentice rules.  We decided to start with the Apprentice rules and work our way up to Executive status.

LOGO Billionaire

The ideal of both games is to be the first player to become a Billionaire, by trading brands and launching companies.  Throw in a hostile takeover or two and you could be a very successful business person.

LOGO Billionaire

We’ve found it much easier to play the game through and read the rules as we play.  They can see quite confusing, but once you actually start gameplay everything slots into place.

LOGO Billionaire

Collect at least three brands in the same colour category to launch your company.  But be careful when you use Risky Business!  You can increase the value of your company but you could go bust!

LOGO Billionaire

So what did we learn whilst playing LOGO Billionaire?  Well A lost both games, N was too greedy and went bust, I am too conservative when it comes to risking everything and J took the slowly, slowly approach and beat us all!  There were literally fits of laughter, admittedly, most when someone went bust.  We all really enjoyed playing both games and how my son slept through the fun I will never know.

This game is great fun and game play is fast so it will certainly keep younger players entertained too.  LOGO Billionaire retails at £24.99 and it’s been a big hit here, I think it’s actually my favourite that we’ve reviewed.  For information about this, other games in the range and stockist information please visit the Drumond Park website.

disclaimer:  we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review.


We loved playing LOGO Billionaire and I’m really happy that I can offer one lucky reader the opportunity to win the game too!  Just complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck.


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LOGO Billionaire worth £24.99

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