LOGO Grab – a review and giveaway

We have another fab game from Drumond Park to share with you today – LOGO Grab. The game is aimed at players over the age of 8 years and can be played with 2-4 players.


LOGO Grab is an ideal game to take on holiday, its compact and a great fun packed game for the family. Monkey is too young for this game at the moment but he’s happily called out letters to ‘help’ Daddy P and I play!

The game consists of 48 themed, coloured playing cards, a dice bag, 6 lettered ‘silent’ dice and 2 letters ‘bell filled’ dice.


You can see how compact it is, easy to play at home and away.

Create a 3 x 3 grid of playing cards, face up in the middle of the table and pass each player 2 playing cards.


Put all the dice in the bag, the youngest player gets to go first – me!! Not often I can say that these days.  Pull 4 dice out of the bag and throw on the table.


Now comes the fun part – all players try to find a card that starts with the same letter as any one of the dice.  Cue Monkey ‘helping’, but it’s great for reading practice and letter recognition!

If nothing matches you put the dice back in the bag and play moves to the next player. But eagle-eyed Mummy spotted K for Ketchup, shouted out the brand name and grabbed the matching dice!


Luckily for me the dice was silent, so I could add the Ketchup card to my collection.  But if the dice had rung then I would have lost one of my playing cards and it would have gone to the bottom of the playing deck.

I kept the card and a new card was added to the grid from the main deck.  Play passed to Daddy P.



Play continues until one player has two different coloured set of 3 playing cards – for example 3 blue and 3 green.  It would appear that I have sharper eyesight than Daddy P – those 2 years make all the difference and I beat him hands down whilst we were away last weekend, and again when we got back on Monday.

LOGO Grab, is fast paced and so easy to set up and play.  The playing cards are based on food and car brands that are easily recognised by older children and adults.  This would be a great game to play over the Christmas holidays or on a rainy day.

Priced at £14.99 we’ve been really impressed with this game and I can see it being a must have game to take on our future travels too.

To see the full range of games available and stockist information please visit the Drumond Park website.

disclaimer:  we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review.


The really good news is that I can offer one lucky reader the chance to win LOGO Grab for themselves – just complete the Gleam form below.  Good luck!


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LOGO Grab from Drumond Park worth £14.99

137 thoughts on “LOGO Grab – a review and giveaway

  1. I would add a specific brand category for electronics because I’m really into my kitchen appliances and gadgets at the moment and the boys love their computer gadget type electronics.

  2. Oreos have to be on there! As an overall category I would add film studio logos as I watch loads of films 🙂

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  4. Not sure if it includes Coca Cola but is a massive brand and with the Christmas truck coming would be a great add x

  5. I would add in transport companies, trains, buses, planes etc, I think this would help my transport obsessed son recognise his letters and help him learn to spell!

  6. Marmite – it’ll be like the game, you’ve either love it or hate it. I’d love it personally. 🙂 <3

  7. lego because at 24 i still play with it as i did as a child, but now im playing with my own children haha

  8. Dairy Crest as when I was younger used to love helping the milkman and by doing this it might help encourage milk back to our doorsteps. x

  9. I would add Lotus cars as they are my favourite cars and would something a little different to the standard car brands

  10. Lego- who doesn’t love it? Unless you step on it barefooted of course….then it’s the worst thing in the world.

  11. Chocolate – there is a good choice of brands to use and most people are quite savvy when it comes to chocolate brands so children and adults should both be able to answer relevant questions.

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