Logo What Am I?

LOGO What Am I? – review and games bundle giveaway worth £69

It was time for the girls to come over for a curry night again recently and I had a challenge for them, we would be playing LOGO What Am I? from Drumond Park.

Logo What Am I?

The girls are always up for a challenge and LOGO What Am I? looked perfect for a bit of friendly competition after dinner.  The game comes with a board, 250 double-sided playing cards, 6 play pieces, a special dice (it only has numbers between 3-5 on it), a sand timer, drawing pad and a pencil.

LOGO What Am I?

The game can be played with 3-6 players aged 8 years and over.  To start the game each player places their play piece on the GO space.

LOGO What Am I?

Each person takes it in turn to be the Player and the other players are their Guessers.  The Player performs a Challenge on a card and the Guessers have to guess what the LOGO is. The first correct Guesser and Player get to move up along the board.  This means that although you are all playing against each other, there will actually be two winners.

LOGO What Am I?

There are three type of Challenges:

Describe It (shown on the card and board with a speech bubble) where the Player has to describe all three items on the card to the Guessers against the timer. All three items must be guessed for anyone to be able to throw the dice and move. BUT the Guesser who guesses the last item is the one who gets to move with the Player!

Draw It (shown on the card and board as a pencil) where the Player has to draw clues for the LOGO for the Guessers

LOGO What Am I?

and Guess It (with the ?) which used the other side of the card.  With this challenge the Guessers have to ask questions to work out which the item is.  The Player can only say Yes, NO or Maybe in reply until it is guessed correctly or the timer runs out.

The girls were thrilled to learn that as I was the eldest (grits teeth) I got to be the Player first.

LOGO What Am I 6

Each players first round of the game is always a Describe It challenge. The timer was set and we were off.  Once the third item had been guessed the dice was thrown and myself and the guesser got to start moving around the board.

Player responsibility passed to N on my left and so we continued until all four of us had been the Player once.  We managed to beat the timer at each turn.

LOGO What Am I?

When play returned to me, I looked at where my place piece was on the board and completed the relevant Player Challenge.  Play continued until two of us ended in the Winning Zone – myself in A on the first round!

LOGO What Am I?

We thought the rules sounded complicated until we actually started playing the game, and then actually it all made sense. The only time we didn’t complete a challenge before the time ran out was with some of the Guess It challenges – they could be really hard, but lots of fun.

LOGO What Am I? is fast paced and ideal for holding children’s attention too.  It took us about 20 minutes to complete the game and we enjoyed it so much we did it all again! Even the drawing, which none of us have a particular talent for, was great entertainment.

Priced at £24.99 I can thoroughly recommend LOGO What Am I?, I really like the mix of game play and the twist of having two winners.  It was a hit here.  For more information on this and other games in the range, along with stockist information, then please visit the Drumond Park website.

disclaimer:  we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review.

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Drumond Park games bundle worth £69.00

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  30. Sad as it is, the MacDonalds M is my favourite…it’s reassuring when you see it in every country as you know you can find “safe” food to eat! (I’m a fussy eater!)

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